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Severe Storms For The Plains

A storm system exiting the West will trigger widespread severe thunderstorms across the Plains on Tuesday. These storms are expected to produce large hail, damaging winds, heavy rain, possible flooding and a couple of tornadoes across the region. Ahead of this sprawling system, a number of record high temperatures are possible from the Upper Mississippi Valley and Great Lakes into the Northeast. Read More >

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Marquette, MI


 Station Digest - A look at the National Weather Service in Marquette and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Station History - A detailed look at the history of the National Weather Service's Weather Forecast Office Marquette.

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Yooper Weather Review

Winter 2018 - Published March 2019

The Staff of the Marquette National Weather Service Office

After each person is their NWS title and any office teams they lead, co-lead(assistant) or participate in. Click on a name to send an email to that individual.



  • Robin Turner: Meteorologist in Charge (MIC) - Overseer of the personnel, operations, and office functions
  • Vacant: Science and Operations Officer (SOO) - Overseer of staff training and research
  • Matt Zika: Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM) - Public Awareness programs; spotter training and office instruction
  • Eric Hayner: Electronic Systems Analyst (ESA) - Supervision of the electronics and the computer network programs; Safety Team Lead

Support Staff

  • Jerry Hill: Administrative Assistant (ASA) - Handles files, forms, time keeping, bills, and contracts (runs the office); Assistant OPL
  • ‚ÄčNick Langlieb: Information Technology Officer (ITO) - AWIPS Lead; Internet Services Lead; Hazard Services Lead; Assistant Webmaster
  • Jim Salzwedel: Observations Program Leader (OPL) - Data/CO-OP Program Lead; NOAA Weather Radio Program Lead; Environmental Program Lead; Climate Team; Marine Program Team; Fire Weather Team; Hydro/Drought Team; GIS Team; Aviation Team
  • Adam Dempsey: Electronics Technician - Maintains equipment for the office, including the WSR-88D and remote weather observing stations; Safety Team
  • Louis Lenten: Electronics Technician - Maintains equipment for the office, including the WSR-88D and remote weather observing stations

Lead Meteorologists

  • Jon Voss: Fire Weather Lead; Storm Data and Verification Lead
  • Don Rolfson: Marine Team; Social Media Team; AWIPS Team; Scheduler
  • Greg Michels: Climate Lead; Marine Team; Observations Team
  • Tara Dudzik: Office Culture Lead; Severe Weather Lead, Remote Sensing Team; Surface Transportation Program Lead
  • Dan Thompson:


  • Joe Phillips: AWIPS/GFE Lead; Marine & Beach Program Lead; DSS Assistant; Assistant WCM; Hydro/Drought Team; Fire Weather Team; GIS Team; Observations Team
  • Taylor PrislovskyGIS Program Lead; Beach Hazards Lead; Storm Ready Program Lead; Hazard Services Assistant; Winter Weather Assistant; Fire Weather Assistant; Social Media Team; Observations Team; Hydro Team
  • Evan Kutta: Assistant SOO; Hydrology/Drought Lead; DSS Lead, Remote Sensing Lead; Case Review Lead; Remote Sensing Lead; Severe Weather Assistant; AWIPS Assistant; Aviation Assistant; Climate Assistant; GIS Team
  • Greg SovaAviation Lead; Training Program Assistant; Webmaster; Social Media Team; Culture Team
  • Lily Chapman: Roadmap Ambassador; Training Lead; Case Review Lead; Remote Sensing Assistant
  • Daniel JablonskiWinter Weather Lead; Warning Verification Lead; Webmaster
  • Vacant
  • Vacant

Pathways Intern

  • Ben Warren

Student Volunteers

  • Tori Scheidt

National Weather Service Marquette
County Warning Area

The National Weather Service in Marquette provides warning and forecast service for 13 counties in west and central Upper Michigan, the adjacent nearshore waters of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, the open waters of Lake Superior, and Isle Royale.