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Heavy Rainfall For Parts Of Louisiana and Texas; Elevated/Critical Fire Weather Conditions in the Great Basin

Heavy rain from tropical showers/thunderstorms are possible for areas of Louisiana and Texas. The heavy rain and possible flooding are likely to persist the next few days, especially in southeast Texas. Critical fire weather threats continue for much of the Great Basin, from dry/windy conditions. Finally, rip currents/heavy surf are likely to continue from Florida to the Carolinas from Humberto. Read More >

NOAA-National Weather Service in Green Bay

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Our Office

  NWS Green Bay

The National Weather Service in Green Bay, Wisconsin is located about five miles west of downtown Green Bay. The office is home to some of the most advanced and powerful forecast and warning equipment in the world: The WSR-88D Doppler weather radar; and AWIPS, the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System.

To contact our office, call (920) 494-2363, or write to the address at the bottom of this page.

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The NWS Green Bay office issues forecasts and severe weather warnings for 22 counties in northeast and north-central Wisconsin. The office is also responsible for warnings and forecasts for the northwest part of Lake Michigan. Here is just a small sample of some of our programs:


NOAA Weather Radio
Warnings and Public Forecasts
Training and Research
Marine Weather
Fire Weather
Aviation Weather
Upper Air Observations
Cooperative Observers

It's often said in Wisconsin that if you don't like the weather outside, just wait a few seconds. Click here to find out about this country's most devastating forest fire (it happened in northeast Wisconsin). 

Here's more information about the region for new employees: NWS Green Bay Station Digest.

Here are the people who make up the NWS Green Bay office:

Station Manager

Matt Lorentson ..... Meteorologist-in-Charge
Linda Skowronski ..... Administrative Assistant

Office Operations

Gene Brusky ..... Science and Training Meteorologist
Jeff Last ..... Warning Coordination Meteorologist (Retiring 9/27/19)

Senior Forecasters

Keith Cooley .....Co-Fire Weather and Weather Event Simulator (WES)
Tim Kieckbusch ..... Fire Weather, Flash Flooding, Decision Support
Phil Kurimski ..... Warngen
Richard Mamrosh ..... Aviation Weather
Jim Skowronski ..... AWIPS, Software Development


Mike Cellitti ..... AWIPS, Marine Weather, Weather Radio
Roy Eckberg ..... Climatology, Winter Weather
Mike Gorczany ..... Storm Data
Tasos Kallas ..... Hydrology, WSR-88D Radar, Temp/Precip Verification
Kira Benz ..... Social Media
Scott Berschback ..... GIS, Weather Radio
Rebecca Hykin ..... WRN Ambassadors
Timm Uhlmann ..... Hydrology
Scott Cultice ..... Observation Program Leader, Upper Air Program


Rob Hoag     ..... Electronic Systems Analyst
Joseph Cournoyer ..... Electronics Technician
Ed Kindred   ..... Electronics Technician


Roman Berdes ..... Information Technology Officer

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