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Marine Service Charts (MSC) - Free

The NWS no longer provides Marine Service Charts. Updated information formerly included in MSCs can most often be found on the Marine Forecasts or NOAA Weather Radio webpages or from your Local Weather Forecast Office.

Other Publications of Value to the Mariner

NOAA Publications
NOAA Sea Grant Publications
FCC Publications
NGA Publications
U.S. Coast Guard Publications
Navy Publications
Non-U.S. Government Publications
  • Canadian Coast Guard Radio Aids to Marine Navigation (RAMN) - $18.95 Cdn
  • The British Admiralty List of Radio Signals8
    • Volume 1 Coast Radio Stations (2 parts)
    • Volume 2 Radio Navigational Aids, Satellite Navigation Systems, Legal Time, Radio Time Signals & Electronic Fixing Systems
    • Volume 3 Maritime Safety Information Services (2 Parts)
    • Volume 4 Meteorological Observation Stations
    • Volume 5 Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems
    • Volume 6 Pilot Services, Vessel Traffic Services & Port Operations (5 parts)
International Publications

6. (Some publications available only to ships participating in U.S. VOS program)
    NOAA Voluntary Observing Ship Program 
    National Weather Service Headquarters 
    1325 East West Hwy Room 4162 
    Silver Spring, MD 20910 


8. UK Hydrographic Office
    Admiralty Way, Tauton, Somerset
    TA1 2DNm United Kingdom
    +44(0) 1823 337900 x3333
    +44(0) 1823 323753 FAX (Distributors)


10. National Weather Service
     Industrial Meteorology Staff
     1325 East-West Highway
     Silver Spring, MD 20910


11.International Tsunami Information Center
        1845 Wasp Boulevard, Building 176
        Honolulu, HI 96818
        808-725-6055 (FAX)


12. International Maritime Organization (IMO)
        4 Albert Embankment
        London SE1 7SR UK
        +44 207 7357611
        +44 207 5873210 FAX (general enquiries)
        +44 207 5873241 FAX (publication sales)
        Telex: 23588


13. Available on-line and no longer printed by U.S. Government. Many NGA publications available
       from commercial vendors, see NGA webpage for references.


15. American Meteorological Society
    Attn: WMO Publications Center
    45 Beacon Street
    Boston, MA 02108 USA
    1-617-227-2425 Fax: 1-617-742-8718