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Heavy Snow Moving into the Great Lakes; Locally Heavy Rain with Mountain Snow Out West

A quick-moving weather system will continue to produce locally heavy snow across the Great Lakes today. Meanwhile, a series of storm systems will keep the West wet through this weekend, with several rounds of rainfall and widespread heavy snowfall across the terrain from the Cascades and Sierra to the central Rockies. Back East, freezing rain will develop across the Appalachians tonight. Read More >

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Latest Huntsville TAF

FTUS44 KHUN 130137 AAG
KHSV 130137Z 1302/1324 14014KT P6SM SCT010 OVC025
FM130800 13008KT 6SM -SHRA BR SCT008 OVC015
FM131800 12005KT 4SM SHRA BR SCT004 OVC007=

Latest Muscle Shoals TAF

FTUS44 KHUN 122330
KMSL 122330Z 1300/1324 15008KT P6SM OVC040
FM130200 16012KT P6SM SCT010 OVC025
FM130900 13008KT 6SM -SHRA BR SCT008 OVC015
FM131800 18005KT 4SM SHRA BR SCT004 OVC007=

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