Our Staff

Hydrologist-in-Charge (HIC) Mark Null  email: mark.null@noaa.gov

Development and Operations Hydrologist (DOH) Kris Lander email: kris.lander@noaa.gov
Service Coordination Hydrologist (SCH) Gregory Waller email: greg.waller@noaa.gov  

Administrative Assistant Vacant email: 


Senior Hydrologists

Frank Bell email: frank.bell@noaa.gov

Derek Giardino email: derek.giardino@noaa.gov

Vacant email: 

Patrick Sneeringer email: patrick.sneeringer@noaa.gov



David Cazier email: david.cazier@noaa.gov

Andrew Philpott email: andrew.philpott@noaa.gov

Dr. Amanda Schroeder email: amanda.schroeder@noaa.gov

Dr. Mike Shultz email: mike.shultz@noaa.gov


Hydrometeorological Analysis and Support (HAS) Forecasters

Althea Austin-Smith (Senior HAS) email: althea.austin-smith@noaa.gov

Alana McCants email: alana.mccants@noaa.gov

Greg Story email: greg.story@noaa.gov