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September 1995 Storm Data

OKLAHOMA, Western, Central, and Southeastern (OKC) OKZ004>053 September, 1995
Carter County, 07 0155CST 0 0 4 Lightning
Kay County, 07 0200CST 0 0 4 Lightning
1 N Ponca City
Lightning struck a house in Ardmore in Carter County, igniting a fire. About 1/4 of the
house was destroyed, resulting in an estimated $20,000 damage.
Lightning also struck, set fire to, and consequently destroyed a mobile home 1 mile north
of Ponca City in Kay County.
Harper County, 11 2030CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (52)
11 NNE Selman
Alfalfa County, 11 2140CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (70)
Alfalfa County, 11 2140CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
Grant County, 11 2222CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
Garfield County, 11 2230CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (52)
Severe thunderstorms in northern Oklahoma produced winds as strong as 80 mph and hail as
large as quarters in Byron in Alfalfa County. One-inch hail was also reported in Medford
in Grant County.
Comanche County, 12 1650CST 0 0 Hail (1.25)
3 N Cache
Major County, 12 1715CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
5 NW Chester
Jackson County, 12 1718CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
4 ENE Blair
Jackson County, 12 1800CST 0 0 Hail (1.75)
Tillman County, 12 1850CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (56)
Custer County, 12 2000CST 0 0 3 TSTM Wind
Comanche County, 12 2012CST 0 0 4 Lightning
Evening thunderstorms in western Oklahoma produced hail as large as golf balls in Headrick
in Jackson County and straight-line winds up to 65 mph in Tipton in Tillman County.
In Thomas in Custer County, severe thunderstorm winds downed 6-inch tree limbs and blew a
horse shed into the side of a trailer home.
In Lawton in Comanche County, lightning struck an apartment building, igniting and
damaging the roof.
Washita County, 16 1750CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
1 S Foss
A severe thunderstorm in Washita County produced quarter-sized hail 1 mile south of Foss.
Carter County, 17 0540CST 0 0 4 TSTM Wind
18 NE Ardmore
Severe thunderstorm winds in Carter County damaged siding and the roofs at a hangar and a
water plant at the Ardmore Air Base. Two utility poles were also blown down.
Harper County, 28 2015CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (56)
10 N Buffalo
Roger Mills County, 28 2040CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (52)
2 N Dempsey
Ellis County, 28 2050CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (52)
Severe thunderstorms in northwest Oklahoma produced winds as strong as 65 mph 10 miles
north of Buffalo in Harper County.
Woods County, 30 0000CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
8 N Freedom
A severe thunderstorm in Woods County downed 2-inch tree limbs 8 miles north of Freedom.
Hughes County, 30 1720CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
4 W Holdenville
Seminole County, 30 1720CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
5 SSE Wewoka
A severe thunderstorm produced nickel sized hail on the Seminole-Hughes County line.

TEXAS, North (OKC) TXZ083>090 September 1995
Clay County, 12 2200CST 0 0 5 Lightning
Wilbarger County, 12 2230CST 0 0 4 TSTM Wind
3 S Vernon
A severe thunderstorm in Wilbarger County downed power lines, blew part of the roof off a
business, and destroyed outbuildings 3 miles south of Vernon.
Lightning struck, ignited, and destroyed 2 mobile homes in Henrietta in Clay County.
Foard County, 15 2130CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
Wilbarger County, 15 2320CST 0 0 6 TSTM Wind
Severe thunderstorm winds in Vernon in Wilbarger County blew out all of the windows and
removed a large part of the roof of the administrative offices and gymnasium of a state
hospital. Damage to the facilities was estimated at 1 to 2 million dollars. A mobile
home was also destroyed and at least 14 utility poles were blown down.
In Foard County severe thunderstorm winds downed 2-inch tree limbs in Thalia.