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August 1995 Storm Data

OKLAHOMA, Western, Central, and Southeastern (OKC) OKZ004>053                                 August, 1995
Payne County,           01    0700CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
                        Heavy rain in Payne County resulted in flash flooding in Stillwater, where widespread street
                        flooding was reported.
Payne County,           01    1900CST-                   0     0     5            Flash Flooding
  Nrn Stillwat  er        01    2200CST
                        Over 5 inches of rain fell in less than 3 hours (between 1600 and 1900CST) in northern
                        Stillwater.  Over 40 homes were flooded, including 12 where families were evacuated by boat. 
                        At least 24 cars were stranded in high water.  
Harmon County,          02    1000CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
Jackson County,         02    1050CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
  4 S Humphries
                        Thunderstorms caused flash flooding in southwest Oklahoma. In Harmon County, 10 inches of water
                        flowed down Eula Street in downtown Hollis.  In Jackson County, SH 5 was closed due to high
                        water 4 miles south of Humphries.
Washita County,         02    2100CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
  2 W Dill City
Blaine County,          02    2106CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
  Nr Okeene
Jackson County,         02    2130CST-                   0     0                  Flash Flooding
  Duke                  03    0010CST
Kiowa County,           02    2330CST-                   0     0                  Flash Flooding
  1 N Roosevelt         03    0300CST
Kiowa County,           02    2330CST-                   0     0                  Flash Flooding
  3 N Snyder            03    0300CST
Harmon County,          03    0000CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
  4 E Hollis
Harmon County,          03    0100CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
  5 S Gould
                        Afternoon and evening thunderstorms resulted in flash flooding across parts of western
                        Oklahoma.  State Highway 51 was under 1.5 feet of water and closed from Okeene to US 51A in
                        Blaine County.  One mile northwest of Watonga (also in Blaine County), high water covered SH
                        US Highway 62 was covered by water 4 miles east of Hollis in Harmon County and was closed in
                        Duke in Jackson County with 1 foot of water over the road.  Highway 5 in Harmon County was also
                        closed due to flash flooding 5 miles south of Gould.  In Kiowa County, high water was reported
                        on SH 19 and US 183 1 mile north of Roosevelt.  Three miles north of Snyder high water also
                        covered US 183.  State Highway 152 was under water 2 miles west of Dill City in Washita County 
Alfalfa County,         03    0700CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
Grant County,           03    0700CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
  2 S Jefferson
Grant County,           03    0700CST-                   0     0                  Flash Flooding
  Nr Medford            03    1020CST
Washita County,         03    0700CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
  1 SW Burns Flat
Alfalfa County,         03    1017CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
Grant County,           03    1017CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
Garfield County,        03    1200CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
                        Morning thunderstorms across northern and western Oklahoma resulted in several reports of flash
                        flooding.  A county road was under water 1 mile southwest of Burns Flat in Washita County, and
                        in Garfield County 2.5 feet of water covered a county-road bridge near Nash. 
                        In Alfalfa County, water flooded numerous streets in Cherokee and covered SH 11 east of town.
                        In Jet US 64 was closed.
                        In Grant County only 1 lane of US 81 remained open 2 miles south of Jefferson.  Highway 11 was
                        closed both east and west of Medford and SH 132 was closed from Nash north to the Kansas border
                        due to high water. 
                        After several consecutive days of rain and thunderstorms, flash flooding became a river flood
                        event across much of northern Oklahoma and parts of western North Texas.  The wet weather
                        pattern was driven largely by the remnants of Tropical Storm Dean.  Dean came on shore on the
                        Texas Gulf Coast the evening of July 31st.  Heavy rains followed across much of Texas and
                        Oklahoma through the next week.  Rainfall amounts of 8 to 12 inches were common, with some
                        areas reporting as much as 16 inches of rain in the 6 day period from July 31st through August
                        River flooding in north-central Oklahoma was particularly severe.  The Salt Fork of the
                        Arkansas River crested over 10 feet above flood stage in some locations.  In Grant County, over
                        50 people were evacuated from flooded homes in the town of Jefferson.  Flood waters climbed as
                        high as 3 feet into some homes.  The town of Pond Creek lacked drinking water for several days
                        after the pump house was flooded.  An observer in Hawley (a small community about 6 miles north
                        of Nash) reported 16 inches of rain from August 1st through 3rd.   
                        Just downstream in Kay County, the Salt Fork crested at 27.65 feet, over 10 feet above flood
                        stage, at 0200CST Saturday August 5th.  Interstate 35 was closed just west of Tonkawa from
                        1930CST on the 4th to 1000CST on the 5th as the river overflowed its banks.  At the river's
                        crest, over 2.5 feet of water covered the interstate.  At least 12 rural homes in Kay County
                        received water damage, including one farm 6 miles west of Tonkawa that measured 46 inches of
                        water in the house.  At least 63 homes suffered major flood damage in Grant and Kay Counties
                        In Woods County the swollen Salt Fork left 6 inches of water in a car showroom in Alva.  
                        In Washita County one man drowned when his car was washed off the spillway of Clinton Lake
                        (about 3 miles east of Canute) and into Monument Creek.  The two passengers were able to swim
                        to safety.  
                        In Alfalfa County, over 2 feet of water flooded a car dealer in Cherokee and 5 homes were
                        flooded by an overflowing Cottonwood Canyon.  
                        In Major County, 40 miles of roads were closed and 100 additional miles required caution due to
                        flooding.  Two bridges were washed away, including a 120-foot bridge over Eagle Chief Creek 2
                        miles north of Cleo Springs.  Over 50 drainage pipes throughout the county were also washed
                        out.  Water also flooded several businesses in Fairview.   
                        In Blaine County, flooding of the North Canadian River resulted in heavy damage in Longdale. 
                        One church was completely destroyed and 15 homes received flood damage.  The town hall and at
                        least one business had 3 inches of water inside.  Two barns in Cleveland County were washed
                        away by the Canadian River.  
                        In Kingfisher County, Kingfisher Creek flooded in Dover, and in Jackson County several county
                        roads were washed out by flooded creeks.  
Woods County,           06    0035CST                    0     0                  TSTM Wind (56)
  6 W Alva          
Alfalfa County,         06    0100CST                    0     0                  TSTM Wind (52)
  9 NE Byron
                        Severe thunderstorm winds in northwest Oklahoma reached 65 mph 6 miles west of Alva in Woods
Atoka County,           20    1430CST                    0     0     4            TSTM Wind
  5 S Lane
                        Severe thunderstorm winds uprooted a 4-foot tree, which fell onto a truck.
TEXAS, North (OKC) TXZ083>090                                                                 August 1995
Wichita County,         01    2100CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
Wilbarger County,       01    2115CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
  4 SW Lockett
                        Thunderstorms resulted in flash flooding across western parts of north Texas.  State Highway 25
                        was closed at China Creek near Electra in Wichita County, and in Wilbarger County the junction
                        of US 70 and FM 2073 was closed 2 miles southwest of Lockett.
Hardeman County,        02    0045CST                    1     0                  Flash Flooding
  2 E Chillicothe
Wilbarger County,       02    0240CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
  S Vernon
Wilbarger County/       02    0240CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
Hardeman County
  Electra to Chillicothe
Hardeman County,        02    0800CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
  E Quanah
Foard County/           02    0930CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
Wilbarger County,
  E Crowell to S Vernon
                        Morning thunderstorms resulted in flash flooding across western sections of north Texas and 1
                        flash flood death.  
                        The death occurred in Hardeman County after a small car (containing 2 adults and 2 children)
                        drove into a flooded portion of US Highway 287 2 miles east of Chillicothe.  The car apparently
                        stalled and the 2 adult occupants got out of the car and pushed it to the side of the road.  By
                        this time the water was about 2 feet deep.  Large trucks continued driving rapidly through the
                        high water and caused waves which pushed the car off the road and into a nearby ditch.  Each
                        adult pulled one child from the car.  The adult carrying the two-year-old child lost his
                        footing and the current swept the child from his arms and down the creek.  The drowned child
                        was found several hours later downstream.  
                        In Hardeman County Highway 287 was closed east of Quanah and from Chillicothe to Electra (in
                        Wilbarger County).  US 283 was closed in Wilbarger County south of Vernon, and US 70 was closed
                        from Vernon to Crowell in Foard County due to flash flooding of the roadway.  
Wichita County,         03    1230CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
  2 N Kadane Corner
Archer County,          03    1230CST                    0     0                  Flash Flooding
  6 S Dundee
                        In Wichita County water covered SH 25 2 miles north of Kadane Corner, and in Archer County
                        water covered a county road 6 miles south of Dundee. 
Clay County,            19   1920CST                     0     0                  TSTM Wind (52)
                        Severe thunderstorm winds in Clay County reached 60 mph in Bellevue.