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May 1995 Storm Data

OKLAHOMA, Western, Central, and Southeastern (OKC) OKZ004>053 May, 1995
Atoka County, 01 0000CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
7 W Caney
Bryan County, 01 0010CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
Severe thunderstorms continued from the evening of April 30th through very
early morning on May 1st. Gusty winds snapped 2 inch tree branches 7 miles west
of Caney in Atoka County and downed trees in Brown in Bryan County.
Comanche County, 03 0330CST 0 0 3 Lightning
1 SW Meers
Lightning from an early morning thunderstorm in Comanche County struck a
stone tower at the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge. The strike blew the
battlement apart and set fire to the roof beams. Damage to the structure was
extensive with an estimated $4000 in damage.
Jackson County, 03 1733CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
Jackson County, 03 1742CST 0 0 Hail (2.50)
1 SE Friendship
Kiowa County, 03 1807CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
3 E Snyder
Kiowa County, 03 1826CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
3 SE Roosevelt
Comanche County, 03 1828CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Tillman County, 03 1844CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
Comanche County, 03 1845CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
2 SE Cooperton
Kiowa County, 03 1845CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
5 W Lawton
Kiowa County, 03 1850CST 0 0 Hail (1.75)
3 E Cooperton
Comanche County, 03 1851CST- 0 0 Hail (1.50)
SW Lawton 03 1900CST
Stephens County, 03 1920CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
4 S Duncan
Stephens County, 03 1921CST 0 0 3 Hail (1.75)
Stephens County, 03 1925CST 0 0 Hail (2.75)
1 S Comanche
Stephens County, 03 1930CST 0 0 Hail (2.75)
5 E Comanche
Jefferson County, 03 1954CST 0 0 Hail (1.75)
Carter County, 03 2000CST 0 0 Hail (1.75)
Carter County, 03 2008CST 0 0 Hail (1.75)
11 W Springer
Carter County, 03 2038CST 0 0 Hail (1.75)
Love County, 03 2045CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
Johnston County, 03 2057CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Marshall County, 03 2108CST 0 0 Hail (1.75)
5 W Madill
Marshall County, 03 2133CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
4 S Little City
Bryan County, 03 2150CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
3 SW Calera
Bryan County, 03 2155CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
Severe thunderstorms producing large hail moved across southern Oklahoma
during the evening of the 3rd. In Comanche County, ping-pong ball sized hail
lasted for almost 10 minutes and was reported covering the ground southwest of
Lawton at 1900 CST. In Stephens County hail as large as baseballs was reported
1 mile south of Comanche and 5 miles east of Comanche. In the town of Comanche
itself, police car windshields were broken out by large hail.
Bryan County, 05 2300CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
Bryan County, 05 2315CST 0 0 4 TSTM Wind
9 ESE Durant
Severe thunderstorm winds in Bryan County downed power lines and uprooted
trees in Achille and blew 2 barns down 9 miles east-southeast of Durant.
Bryan County, 06 0650CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
2 N Bomarton
A severe thunderstorm in Bryan County produced nickel-sized hail 2 miles
north of Bomarton.
Love County, 06 1103CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
2 NE Thackerville
Caddo County, 06 1130CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
2 SE Anadarko
Cleveland County, 06 1159CST- 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Norman (OUN) 06 1204CST
Severe thunderstorms in southern and central Oklahoma produced hail as
large as nickels 2 miles north of Bomarton in Bryan County and 2 miles
southeast of Anadarko in Caddo County.
Washita County, 07 0825CST 0 0 Hail (1.75)
Custer County, 07 0905CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Grady County, 07 1005CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (55)
Nr Acme
Caddo County, 07 1015CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (61)
2 NW Verden
Grady County, 07 1015CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (56)
SE Chickasha
Grady County, 07 1025CST 0 1 4 TSTM Wind
Stephens County, 07 1240CST 0 0 Flash Flooding
E Marlow
Harmon County, 07 1431CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
Harmon County, 07 1435CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (60)
SE Hollis
Woodward County, 07 1450CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
Fort Supply
Greer County, 07 1455CST 0 0 5 TSTM Wind
Greer County, 07 1456CST .25 70 0 0 Tornado (F0)
10 SW Mangum
Greer County, 07 1500CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
SW Greer Co
Murray County, 07 1500CST 2 100 0 0 5 Tornado (F1)
Greer County, 07 1505CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (56)
Harmon County, 07 1505CST 0 0 Hail (1.75)
9 N Gould
Garvin County, 07 1510CST- 6 200 0 0 4 Tornado (F1)
11 SSW Stratford 07 1520CST
to 6 SSW Stratford
Beckham County, 07 1515CST 0 0 Hail (2.75)
Johnston County, 07 1520CST .2 50 0 0 3 Tornado (F1)
1.5 W Mill Creek
Love County, 07 1524CST- 34 700 3 6 8 Tornado (F3)
Carter County 07 1614CST
4 SSE Leon to 2 WNW Ardmore
Beckham County, 07 1530CST 0 0 Hail (2.75)
3 SE Carter
Seminole County, 07 1545CST .25 70 0 0 Tornado (F0)
Hughes County, 07 1555CST 1 30 0 0 3 Tornado (F0)
5 S Holdenville
Jackson County, 07 1555CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
Nr Elmer
Washita County, 07 1600CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Carter County, 07 1603CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
3 W Ardmore
Washita County, 07 1603CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Washita County, 07 1603CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (52)
Custer County, 07 1607CST 0 0 5 TSTM Wind
Hughes County, 07 1608CST- 6 50 0 0 4 Tornado (F2)
1 NE Holdenville to 07 1613CST
2 S Wetumka
Washita County, 07 1620CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Carter County, 07 1629CST- 3 200 0 0 5 Tornado (F1)
Murray County 07 1636CST
Nr Gene Autry to Dougherty
Tillman County, 07 1643CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
Blaine County, 07 1645CST 0 0 4 TSTM Wind
Custer County, 07 1645CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (61)
Custer City
Dewey County, 07 1645CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (55)
Nr Putnam
Murray County, 07 1653CST .01 20 0 0 4 Tornado (F1)
N Sulphur
Pontotoc County, 07 1655CST 0 0 3 Lightning
Custer County, 07 1700CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
4 W Arapahoe
Kingfisher County, 07 1715CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
6 SW Loyal
Kingfisher County, 07 1715CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (52)
6 SW Loyal
Alfalfa County, 07 1735CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
1 S Helena
Comanche County, 07 1742CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
Stephens County, 07 1745CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
Garfield County, 07 1755CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
1 N Garber
Grady County, 07 1800CST 0 0 Flash Flooding
Rush Springs
Grady County, 07 1805CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (50)
2 NE Rush Springs
Kay County, 07 1805CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
Stephens County, 07 1806CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
Noble County, 07 1810CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (52)
1 S Lucien
Grant County, 07 1815CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
5 SE Renfro
Stephens County, 07 1815CST 0 0 3 TSTM Wind and
1 WSW Marlow Lightning
Stephens County, 07 1817CST 0 0 Flash Flooding
Duncan and Marlow
Noble County, 07 1820CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
Comanche County, 07 1822CST 0 0 4 Lightning
12 ENE Geronimo
Cleveland County, 07 1830CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
McClain County, 07 1830CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
Lincoln County, 07 1905CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (52)
Lincoln County, 07 1915CST 0 0 4 TSTM Wind
Murray County, 07 2100CST 0 0 Flash Flooding
Carter County, 07 2230CST 0 0 4 Flash Flooding
Nr Lone Grove
Three lines of thunderstorms and one isolated supercell moved across
western, central, and southern Oklahoma from morning through late evening on
the 7th. In all, 10 tornados were confirmed, including a long-track tornado
that crossed from Cooke County Texas into Love County Oklahoma and remained on
the ground in Oklahoma for 34 miles. Large hail, severe straight-line winds,
and flash flooding were also reported.
The first tornado occurred with a line of storms in southwestern Oklahoma
10 miles southwest of Mangum in Greer County at 1456CST. The tornado was a
brief F0 with no damage reported.
The second tornado, an F1, touched down in central Oklahoma 6 miles north
of Davis in Murray County. Along a damage path about 2 miles long, 1 mobile
home was destroyed, 5 barns and 6 houses were damaged, and power lines and
trees were downed.
The third tornado spun up from the same storm as it moved across eastern
Garvin County. A damage survey revealed a path starting 11 miles
south-southwest of Stratford, continuing for 6 miles to a point 6 miles south
of Stratford. Along this path, a total of 3 outbuildings were destroyed, while
1 frame house and 8 other outbuildings were damaged. The frame house was
located 12 miles south-southwest of Stratford and sustained shingle damage and
one broken window. Within 25 ft of the house, a 10-ton box type semi-trailer
was picked up and tossed 75 ft onto the roof of a pole barn which collapsed
under the wind force and weight of the trailer. All 18 trees (20-24"
diameter) near the sight were topped or sheared at the trunk. Along the rest of
the damage path, tree damage was extensive and farm outbuildings sustained
major damage. Maximum width along this path was 200 yards and the tornado was
rated as F1.
It is also noteworthy that at least one location in heavy wooded areas was
visible where the rear flank downdraft, accompanying the tornado, flattened
15-25 large trees (10-15" diameter) 100-150 ft to the right of the tornado
The fourth tornado was brief and struck a farm 1 mile west of Mill Creek in
Johnston County at 1520CST. A water trough, a 500-gallon diesel tank, 4 metal
feed sheds, and the roof of the house were damaged. The porch was destroyed,
and a dump truck was overturned. Tree damage was extensive, and this tornado
was rated at F1.
The fifth tornado occurred with an isolated supercell that moved
northeastward from Texas across the Red River into southern Love County, and
then north- northeastward into Carter County. Air and ground surveys conducted
on May 8 (the day after the tornado) revealed a damage path 500 to 700 yards
wide and 34 miles long across Love and Carter Counties in Oklahoma, with damage
in places consistent with a strong tornado on the high end of the F3 category.
Three fatalities and at least 6 injuries are attributed to this tornado.
Following the tornado's path as it moved across Oklahoma, the tornado
crossed the Red River into Oklahoma at a point 4 miles south-southeast of Leon
(or about 3.5 miles south-southwest of Jimtown) at approximately 1524 CST. The
tornado moved northeast and remained near F0/F1 intensity until it reached the
Red River RV Ranch on the south side of Highway 96 about 1 mile west of
Burneyville. At this RV park, 18 RV's, 12 cabins, 1 store, 1 guard shack, 1
equestrian center, 7 outbuildings, 5 single family homes, and 1 mobile home
were destroyed. One other single family home also suffered minor damage. At the
entrance to the park, several vehicles, including a delivery van, were rolled
off the highway and flipped over. The damage path at this point was 400 to 500
yards wide, and damage was rated as F2.
From there, the tornado crossed Highway 96 to the Falconhead Resort area,
where the worst damage was suffered. 20 homes were destroyed and 20 others
sustained major or minor damage, including numerous brick homes. At least one
of these homes lost all but the northeast exterior wall and a few interior
walls in the northeast part of the house. An aircraft hangar and a maintenance
building were also destroyed. The damage was rated on the high end of F3 at
this point, and the path was measured to be 500 to 600 yards wide.
One half mile north of the Highway 32/Highway 96 intersection, 2 of the 3
fatalities occurred. An 83- year old female and her 87-year old sister were
killed when their frame home on the west side of the road was picked up and
blown 50 feet into a wooded area on the east side of the road. Less than a mile
north of this site, the 3rd fatality occurred. A 78- year old man was killed in
his home, while his wife was severely injured. Widespread tree damage was
evident along this entire section of the tornado's path, and the intensity
along this stretch was rated as F2.
The tornado then decreased to F0/F1 strength and continued
north-northeastward across the Love/Carter County Line and toward Ardmore. In
Carter County, at least 4 homes, 2 businesses, and 1 public building were
destroyed. Four other homes, 5 businesses, and 1 public building received major
damage, with minor damage at an additional 5 homes, 6 businesses, and 1 public
Specifically, on the southwest side of Ardmore, the tornado strengthened
and hit a subdivision of new, well-built homes. The worst damage consisted of 1
or 2 homes that were almost completely unroofed, and had some interior walls
down. Damage here was rated at F2. The tornado also hit a high school just
north of this subdivision, removing portions of the roof and damaging windows.
This damage was rated at the high end of the F1 category.
The tornado then continued northward, paralleling I- 35 on the west edge of
Ardmore, and struck a Uniroyal/Michelin tire plant on the west side of the
interstate. Significant damage to the sheet metal exterior and roof were noted;
however, no structural damage to the steel frame was apparent. In the parking
lot immediately to the east of the plant, dozens of automobiles and pickup
trucks were damaged or destroyed. Some were tossed, flipped, and stacked on top
of one another. At least 1 semi-truck was flipped over on the southwest side of
the plant. Based on the damage to the plant and vehicles, the intensity at this
point was rated F2.
Immediately north of the tire plant, witnesses reported that the tornado
began to go into its dissipation stage. One or two plate glass windows were
blown out at a Love's Truck Stop. The canopies over the pump areas and most
signs were also destroyed. Damage was rated at F1 here. An electronics
warehouse under construction just north of this truck stop had 3 of 4 exterior
walls knocked down. At a point about 2 miles north of the Uniroyal/Michelin
plant, the tornado took a sharp east- northeast turn and rapidly dissipated at
Total damage across Love and Carter Counties exceeded $100 million dollars,
with $75 million dollars worth of damage in Ardmore alone. Actual damage at the
Uniroyal Plant was valued at $45 million, and later production losses due to
the damage were estimated at 1.5 million tires.
The sixth through eighth tornados occurred simultaneously with the
Love/Carter County tornado, but with a separate storm. The sixth tornado was a
brief F0 touchdown near Saskawa in Seminole County around 1545CST. Two-inch
tree limbs were downed, but no other damage was reported. The storm then moved
into Hughes County and produced the seventh tornado 5 miles south of
Holdenville at 1555CST. Along its 1- mile track, a small house was shifted 30
feet off its foundation and a wall was blown out. Other houses nearby sustained
only minor roof damage. Two large trees were also uprooted. Damage was rated at
F0 by a survey team.
This same storm continued northeastward and produced the eighth tornado 1
mile southwest of Yeager at 1608CST, where a small outbuilding was destroyed.
This tornado remained on the ground as it moved through Yeager and then to 2
miles south of Wetumka. In Yeager a barn and 2 other outbuildings were
destroyed, and a frame house was heavily damaged. Two horse trailers were moved
75 feet and 40 trees sustained serious damage. The damage path was about 50
yards wide at this point and the damage was rated F2.
The ninth and tenth tornados occurred from the same isolated supercell that
earlier produced the Love/Carter County tornado. The ninth tornado, an F1,
began near Gene Autry in Carter County at 1629CST, moved into Murray County,
and dissipated in Dougherty at 1636CST. Along this 3 mile path, 2 barns and 1
storage building were destroyed, windows were blown out of 25 homes, and part
of a lumber company roof was blown off. Two homes and 1 pickup were also
damaged by fallen trees.
The tenth tornado was a brief F1 north of Sulphur in Murray County at
1653CST. A barn was destroyed, a trailer was blown over, and a van was picked
up and moved.
In addition to these tornados, the storms also produced baseball sized hail
in Carter and 3 miles southeast of Carter in Beckham County. Wind speeds up to
70 mph were reported 2 miles northwest of Verden in Caddo County and in Custer
City in Custer County, where minor building damage was also reported. Also in
Custer County 4 miles west of Arapahoe, a 10-inch tree was downed. Later in the
afternoon severe thunderstorm winds in Clinton broke the plate glass windows
out of a store, destroyed fences and a storage shed, and uprooted and/or
snapped 2 large trees. Three other businesses sustained major roof damage, and
a mobile home was flipped over onto a car. Total damage in Clinton was
estimated at $117,000.
Other straight-line wind damage was reported in Grady County in Amber,
where a roof was blown off of a mobile home, injuring a woman. A neighboring
brick home also sustained extensive damage, with large portions of the roof
blown off and a new addition destroyed. A nearby camper was also tossed on end.
In Greer County in Willow, 18 houses and 2 businesses were damaged by severe
thunderstorm winds. Numerous trees and power lines were also downed. In Watonga
in Blaine County, 18-inch trees were snapped, 3 roofs were blown off houses, an
airplane hangar was destroyed, and 3 power poles were downed by strong winds.
In Lincoln County in Stroud severe thunderstorm winds damaged one home and 4
outbuildings, and uprooted several large trees.
In Newkirk in Kay County and in Stephens County in Marlow and 1 mile
west-southwest of Marlow, branches up to 6-inches were snapped. A tree also
blew onto a car in Marlow. In Grant County 5 miles southeast of Renfro, severe
thunderstorm winds downed 8-inch tree limbs and blew shingles off a house. In
Noble County in Perry, trees were downed, and a 3-inch tree was also uprooted
in Wayne in McClain County.
In Pontotoc County in Ada, lightning struck and set fire to a house,
resulting in $3000 in damage. Lightning also struck a home 1 mile
west-southwest of Marlow, damaging the appliances but did not set the house on
fire. In Comanche County 12 miles east- northeast of Geronimo lightning struck
an antenna, causing the TV to explode and setting fire to the house. Damage to
the house and contents was estimated at $40,000.
Flash flooding was reported in Stephens County east of Marlow, in Marlow,
and in Duncan due to widespread street flooding, including Highway 81 south of
Duncan. In Grady County in Rush Springs, part of downtown was closed due to
high water, and in Murray County in Dougherty, flooding caused the evacuation
of 4 homes and the post office. In Carter County near Lone Grove, flash
flooding washed out a bridge. Repair costs were placed at $23,000.
(F83P, F87P, M78P)
Hughes County, 08 0000CST 0 0 4 Lightning
W Wetumka
Stephens County, 08 0200CST 0 0 4 Lightning
Lightning from early morning thunderstorms damaged several structures. In
Hughes County west of Wetumka a house was struck by lightning, igniting several
fires and causing extensive damage. Lightning from another storm struck a 2
story house near a mobile home in Loco in Stephens County. The house burned to
the ground and a utility pole fell into the bedroom of the mobile home.
Jackson County, 14 2315CST 0 0 3 TSTM Wind
Cotton County, 14 2325CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (50)
Nr Walters
Stephens County, 15 0030CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
Garvin County, 15 0100CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
Murray County, 15 0115CST 0 0 3 TSTM Wind
Thunderstorms continued across southern Oklahoma from late in the evening
of the 14th through early morning on the 15th. Hail as large as quarters was
reported in Velma in Stephens County, and wind speeds up to 58 mph were
measured near Walters in Cotton County. Severe thunderstorm winds also
shattered a large sign in Altus in Jackson County and removed part of the roof
from a restaurant in Sulphur in Murray County.
Jefferson County, 16 1845CST 0 0 4 TSTM Wind
Severe thunderstorm winds in Ryan in Jefferson County uprooted a 2 foot
tree, caused the roof of an old store to collapse, and felled a large tree onto
a travel trailer.
Ellis County, 16 2003CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
26 N Shattuck
Harper County, 16 2003CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
6 S Laverne
Harper County, 16 2039CST 0 0 Hail (1.25)
5 S Selman
Severe thunderstorms in northwest Oklahoma dropped hail as large as
half-dollars 5 miles south of Selman in Harper County.
Dewey County, 17 0345CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (50)
Nr Camargo
Grant County, 17 0400CST 0 0 4 TSTM Wind
Woodward County, 17 0411CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (54)
Early morning thunderstorms in northern Oklahoma produced winds as high as
62 mph in Mooreland in Woodward County. In Medford in Grant County the roof was
blown off of a plane hangar and the walls were blown out of another. Total
damage was estimated at $20,000.
Kingfisher County, 17 1420CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
10 ENE Dover
Garfield County/ 17 1445CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Logan County,
7 S Hayward (7 W Orlando)
Noble County, 17 1455CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
7 SW Perry
Harper County, 17 1500CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
6 S Laverne
Noble County, 17 1515CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
7 SE Perry
Grant County, 17 1537CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
3 W Salt Fork
Woods County, 17 1552CST 12 400 0 0 4 Tornado (F2)
Alfalfa County, 17 1610CST
12 S Dacoma to McWillie
Grant County, 17 1630CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Alfalfa County, 17 1633CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
Great Salt Plains Dam
Grant County, 17 1710CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
6 NE Medford
Severe thunderstorms developed and moved across northern Oklahoma during
the afternoon. Large hail, damaging winds, and 1 tornado were reported.
The tornado was spotted by a highway patrol officer as it touched down in
Woods County about 12 miles south of Dacoma, just west of the Alfalfa County
line. The tornado then moved east-northeast into Alfalfa County and evolved
into a multiple-vortex tornado as it reached the Carmen area. The tornado
finally lifted as it approached McWillie. Damage was concentrated in the Carmen
area of Alfalfa County and included: a travel trailer flipped and destroyed
south of Carmen and 4 houses and several outbuildings damaged from 1 mile south
to 2 miles east of Carmen. In the McWillie area a barn was damaged. Highlines
and trees were downed along much of this path. Based on video and eyewitness
reports, the tornado was rated as an F2.
Other reports from severe thunderstorms included a large peach tree blown
down by straight-line winds 7 miles southeast of Perry in Noble County. Hail as
large as quarters was reported 7 miles southwest of Perry in Noble County, in
Harper County 6 miles south of Laverne, in Alfalfa County at the Great Salt
Plains Dam, and in Grant County 6 miles northeast of Medford.
Woodward County, 22 1150CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
7 N Quinlan
Woods County, 22 1225CST 0 0 Hail (1.75)
6 NE Waynoka
Midday thunderstorms across northwest Oklahoma dropped hail as large as
golf balls 6 miles northeast of Waynoka in Woods County.
Beckham County, 22 1851CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
12 S Erick
Harmon County, 22 1902CST 0 0 Hail (2.00)
1 E Madge
Harmon County, 22 1903CST 0 0 Hail (2.50)
5 NE Madge
Harmon County, 22 1925CST 0 0 Hail (2.75)
3 NE Vinson
Greer County, 22 1928CST- 0 0 Hail (2.75)
Reed 22 1940CST
Greer County, 22 1950CST- 0 0 Hail (1.50)
Mangum 22 1952CST
Beckham County, 22 1955CST- 0 0 3 Hail (3.00)
Texola 22 2000CST
Beckham County, 22 2011CST .01 30 0 0 Tornado (F0)
Beckham County, 22 2025CST 0 0 Hail (1.75)
12 SW Erick
Beckham County, 22 2030CST 0 0 Hail (2.50)
8 S Erick
Beckham County, 22 2033CST 0 0 Hail (2.75)
5 S Texola
Beckham County, 22 2036CST 0 0 Hail (1.50)
9 SW Erick
Greer County, 22 2040CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
16 WNW Willow
Greer County, 22 2050CST- 0 0 Hail (1.75)
10 W Willow 22 2115CST
Kiowa County, 22 2052CST 0 0 Hail (1.50)
3 S Lone Wolf
Greer County, 22 2105CST- 0 0 3 Hail (2.50)
16 WNW Willow 22 2125CST
Greer County, 22 2135CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
Severe thunderstorms moved into southwest Oklahoma from the Texas
panhandle, producing giant hail and 1 tornado. The tornado, a brief F0,
occurred in Texola in Beckham County and did no reported damage.
The largest hail reported was 3.00-inch diameter in Texola in Beckham
County, where car windshields were broken. Also, baseball-size hail was
reported in Harmon County 3 miles northeast of Vinson, in Beckham County 5
miles south of Texola, and in Greer County throughout a 5 mile radius of Reed.
Tennis ball sized hail 16 miles west-northwest of Willow in Greer county
knocked out house windows.
Kiowa County, 23 1400CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
1 S Mountain Park
Tillman County, 23 1515CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (52)
Comanche County, 23 1626CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
7 E Faxon
Comanche County, 23 1636CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
3 E Lawton
Cotton County, 23 1845CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (56)
5 S Randlett
Jefferson County, 23 1910CST 0 0 3 TSTM Wind (69)
Jefferson County, 23 1915CST 0 0 3 TSTM Wind (61)
Carter County, 23 1920CST 0 0 3 TSTM Wind
2 S Fox
Stephens County, 23 1925CST 0 0 Flash Flooding
Jefferson County, 23 1930CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
Love County, 23 1935CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (61)
1 SW Rubottom
Carter County, 23 1940CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
Murray County, 23 1950CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (69)
10 N Springer
Garvin County, 23 2000CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
Murray County, 23 2010CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
Pontotoc County, 23 2012CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (52)
Seminole County, 23 2020CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Pontotoc County, 23 2030CST 0 0 4 TSTM Wind (52)
Johnston County, 23 2050CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
3 E Tishomingo
Atoka County, 23 2200CST 0 0 5 TSTM Wind
Severe thunderstorms moved across southern Oklahoma from mid-afternoon
through late evening, producing large hail, damaging winds, and flash flooding.
Nickel-sized hail was reported in Kiowa County 1 mile south of Mountain
Park, and in Comanche County 7 miles east of Faxon and 3 miles east of Lawton.
Wind speeds as high as 80 mph were reported 10 miles north of Springer in
Murray County, and in Ryan in Jefferson County where around 50 utility poles
were downed. Other damage in Jefferson County included a store front window
shattered and a horse barn flattened in Waurika by winds estimated at 70 mph.
In Ringling a tree was split by severe straight-line winds.
In Carter County 2 miles south of Fox, a mobile home, a camping trailer,
and an outbuilding were destroyed. Extensive roof damage was also done to 1
home, a tree blew over onto a car, and another tree blew down into a kitchen.
Also in Carter County trees and power lines were downed in Ardmore.
Trees and power lines were also reported down in Garvin County in Wynnewood
and in Murray County in Sulphur. 2-inch limbs were snapped 3 miles east of
Tishomingo in Johnston County. In Pontotoc County in Ada wind speeds were
estimated at 60 mph. Damage included: at least 3 large trees downed, 3 power
poles snapped, stop signs flattened, a roof blown off a packing plant, and
several large windows blown out of a car dealership. In Stringtown in Atoka
County a 60 by 70 foot section of roof was lifted off of the dining hall of a
prison. Damage was estimated at $200,000.
Flash flooding also became a problem in some areas of Stephens County. 6
inches of water covered several streets in Marlow.
Oklahoma County, 23 2347CST 0 0 3 High Wind
Srn Oklahoma City and Midwest City
Strong outflow in southern Oklahoma City (not directly associated with a
severe thunderstorm) produced wind gusts near 70 mph at Tinker AFB. Signs were
damaged, and wind driven gravel from rooftops broke windows and damaged 15
Marshall County, 24 1645CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
Little City
Marshall County, 24 1645CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (52)
Little City
Murray County, 24 1651CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
Marshall County, 24 1700CST 0 0 3 TSTM Wind
8 ESE Kingston
Bryan County, 24 1750CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Bryan County, 24 1800CST 0 0 Flash Flooding
Choctaw County, 24 1800CST 0 0 Flash Flooding
Bryan County, 24 1830CST 0 0 Flash Flooding
Choctaw County, 24 1830CST 0 0 Flash Flooding
Choctaw County, 24 1840CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
7 SE Boswell
Choctaw County, 24 1840CST 0 0 Flash Flooding
7 SE Boswell
Severe thunderstorms across south-central and southeast Oklahoma produced
large hail, damaging winds, and several reports of flash flooding in Bryan and
Choctaw Counties during the late afternoon and early evening.
Hail as large as quarters was reported in Dougherty in Murray County, and
wind speeds up to 60 mph were reported in Little City in Marshall County. Also
in Marshall County, severe thunderstorm winds downed power lines and felled
trees onto the golf clubhouse at Lake Texoma State Park (8 miles east-southeast
of Kingston). In Choctaw County 7 miles southeast of Boswell, shingles were
blown off a house.
In Bryan County in Durant several homes and a day care center were flooded.
The fence at the day care center, which ran next to a small creek, was washed
away. In Choctaw County street flooding was reported in Boswell, Hugo, and 7
miles southeast of Boswell.
Canadian County, 26 0600CST- 0 0 Flash Flooding
N Mustang 26 0700CST
McClain County, 26 0600CST- 0 0 Flash Flooding
Nrn McClain Co 26 0700CST
Oklahoma County, 26 0600CST- 0 0 Flash Flooding
Oklahoma City 26 0700CST
Grady County, 26 0640CST 0 0 Flash Flooding
S Minco and E Tuttle
Cleveland County, 26 0645CST 0 0 4 Flash Flooding
Cleveland County, 26 0700CST- 0 0 Flash Flooding
Norman 26 0830CST
Pottawatomie County, 26 0800CST- 0 0 Flash Flooding
N Shawnee 26 0900CST
Thunderstorms moving across already saturated ground resulted in flash
flooding across parts of central Oklahoma during the morning of the 26th. In
Canadian County north of Mustang, Mustang Road and a state highway south of
I-40 were closed due to high water. One police car became stranded and the
officer had to climb through the car window to escape. In McClain County
numerous bridges and roads were washed out throughout the northern part of the
In Oklahoma County in Oklahoma City widespread street and bridge flooding
was reported, with numerous cars stranded in high water. Lightning Creek
flooded and resulted in the flooding and evacuation of 2 homes in southwest
Oklahoma City.
In Grady County water covered US 81 south of Minco, and flood waters
carried 1 foot diameter logs and other debris onto Highway 37 east of Tuttle,
blocking the roadway. In Pottawatomie County north of Shawnee, water from a
small drainage creek rose into at least 4 homes, resulting in their evacuation.
In Cleveland County in Norman, widespread street and bridge flooding made
numerous roads impassible. The first report came from the north part of the
town at about 0645CST, when water flowed across a bridge on Rock Creek Road and
reached up to car headlights in places. Other reports of flash flooding
followed through about 0830CST. Water as high as 12 inches rose into several
houses and apartments. About 20 cars were stranded in water as high as car
windshields, and Franklin Road washed out in several places. A school bus
driver and two children were stranded and had to be rescued after their bus
stalled on a flooded bridge in water up to the bus headlights.
Beckham County, 26 1700CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
4 S Elk City
Custer County, 26 1741CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Foss Reservoir
Custer County, 26 2210CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (50)
Foss Reservoir
McClain County, 26 2320CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
Grady County, 26 2325CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (52)
3 E Middleberg
Cleveland County, 26 2345CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
Pottawatomie County, 27 0020CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (58)
3 NNW Shawnee
Late night thunderstorms in western and central Oklahoma produced hail up
to 3/4 inch and severe winds. 3/4 inch hail was reported in Beckham County 4
miles south of Elk City and in Custer County at Foss Reservoir.
Severe thunderstorm winds snapped large tree limbs in Blanchard in McClain
County, and downed fences and trees in Norman in Cleveland County. In
Pottawatomie County 3 miles north-northwest of Shawnee, wind speeds measured at
67 mph felled 1 to 2 foot diameter trees.
Stephens County/ 27 1400CST 1 0 Flooding
Cotton County,
2 SW Corum
An apparently intoxicated man tried to drive through 4 feet of water at a
well-marked low water crossing on the Stephens/Cotton County line. The driver,
a 67 year old male, was washed down the creek and drowned.
Knox County, 06 0530CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
Benjamin, Munday, and Knox City
Wilbarger County, 06 0615CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Knox County, 06 0630CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Knox City
Baylor County, 06 0650CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
2 N Bomarton
Archer County, 06 0745CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
W Holliday
Wichita County, 06 0807CST- 0 0 TSTM Wind
Wichita Falls 06 0815CST
Wichita County, 06 0845CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
1 S Wichita Falls
Archer County, 06 0849CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
15 N Scotland
Clay County, 06 0902CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
9 N Henrietta
Severe thunderstorms moved across western portions of North Texas,
producing hail as large as quarters west of Holliday in Archer County and 1
mile south of Wichita Falls in Wichita County. Power lines and an 18-inch
diameter tree were also downed by severe thunderstorm winds in Wichita Falls.
Knox County, 07 0730CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
6 E Knox City
Baylor County, 07 0815CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Archer County, 07 1205CST .01 25 0 0 Tornado (F0)
8 E Archer City
Wichita County, 07 1215CST 0 0 3 Lightning
Wichita Falls
Wichita County, 07 1450CST 0 0 Flash Flooding
Wichita Falls
Hardeman County, 07 1525CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
Medicine Mound
Hardeman County, 07 1529CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (59)
Hardeman County, 07 1545CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Hardeman County, 07 1555CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
3 S Chillicothe
Foard County, 07 1600CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
Foard County, 07 1600CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (52)
Knox County, 07 1610CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
Knox City
Wichita County, 07 1745CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
Wichita Falls
Wichita County, 07 1746CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Shepherd AFB
Severe thunderstorms produced large hail, flash flooding, strong winds, and
1 tornado as they moved across North Texas.
The tornado, a brief F0, occurred 8 miles east of Archer City in Archer
County. A 300 pound piece of farm equipment was turned over, calf hutches were
tossed, and a large trampoline was blown against a farmhouse.
Hail as large as quarters was reported in Medicine Mound in Hardeman
County, in Crowell in Foard County, and in Knox City in Knox County. Severe
straight- line winds as high as 68 mph were also reported in Chillicothe in
Hardeman County.
In Wichita Falls in Wichita County several streets in downtown were covered
with water. Lightning also struck a house, knocking several holes in the roof.
Clay County, 08 1220CST 0 0 3 Lightning
A house was set on fire by a lightning strike in Petrolia in Clay County.
Archer County, 14 2131CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
3 S Megargel
Wichita County, 14 2210CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
10 S Electra
Wichita County, 14 2246CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
3 NW Iowa Park
Wichita County, 14 2246CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
Nrn Wichita Falls
Wilbarger County, 14 2307CST 0 0 Hail (1.25)
3 NW Vernon
Late evening thunderstorms in North Texas dropped hail as large as half
dollars 3 miles northwest of Vernon in Wilbarger County.
Foard County, 23 1340CST 0 0 Hail (2.75)
12 SW Crowell
Foard County, 23 1355CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
7 SW Crowell
Knox County, 23 1412CST 0 0 Hail (1.75)
15 N Benjamin
Foard County, 23 1430CST 0 0 Hail (2.50)
10 S Crowell
Wilbarger County, 23 1440CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
7 SW Lockett
Baylor County, 23 1700CST 0 0 Hail (1.75)
3 S Seymour
Hardeman County, 23 1743CST 0 0 TSTM Wind
Archer County, 23 1745CST 0 0 4 TSTM Wind (52)
Lake Kickapoo and Archer City
Archer County, 23 1745CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
Lake Kickapoo
Archer County, 23 1800CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
Archer City
Wichita County, 23 1800CST- 0 0 4 TSTM Wind (59)
Wichita Falls 23 1810CST
Archer County, 23 1815CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
Archer County, 23 1815CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (61)
Clay County, 23 1830CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (52)
Clay County, 23 1840CST 0 0 4 TSTM Wind
Clay County, 23 1845CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
Wichita County, 23 1845CST 0 0 TSTM Wind (57)
5 S Randlett
Severe thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening produced large hail
and damaging winds. Hail as large as baseballs was reported 12 miles southwest
of Crowell in Foard County, and wind speeds as high as 70 mph were reported in
Scotland in Archer County. At Lake Kickapoo and in Archer City in Archer
County, winds reached 60 mph, blowing the roof off the newspaper office and
resulting in water damage to the computers.
Severe thunderstorm winds downed power lines in Chillicothe in Hardeman
County and in Wichita Falls in Wichita County. Also in Wichita Falls, numerous
branches were snapped, metal sheds and wood fences were damaged, and 14 to
16-inch trees were uprooted by winds measured at 68 mph.
In Clay County in Petrolia power poles were downed, a roof was blown off a
service station, and a barn was blown over.
Archer County, 25 0955CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Clay County, 25 1225CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
Ern Henrietta
Archer County, 25 1320CST 0 0 Flash Flooding
Severe thunderstorms produced hail as large as nickels in eastern Henrietta
in Clay County, and resulted in flash flooding as several inches of water
flowed across some roads in Holliday in Archer County.
Knox County, 26 1400CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Wilbarger County, 26 1503CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
11 S Vernon
Wichita County, 26 1838CST- 4 30 0 0 Tornado (F0)
5 SW Burkburnett 26 1852CST
Wichita County, 26 1844CST- 2 30 0 0 Tornado (F0)
3 W Burkburnett 26 1852CST
Wilbarger County, 26 2000CST 0 0 Flash Flooding
N Vernon
Wilbarger County, 26 2035CST- 0 0 4 TSTM Wind
Vernon 26 2040CST
Severe thunderstorms produced large hail, flash flooding and 2 tornados.
The first tornado was reported 5 miles southwest of Burkburnett in Wichita
County, and the second was 3 miles west of Burkburnett. The second tornado
touched down 6 minutes after the first began, and both tornados lifted at the
same time. No damage was reported, and both were rated as F0.
Significant damage occurred in Vernon with straight- line winds along a
strong gust front. Numerous fences and trees as large as 4-feet in diameter and
fences were downed (3 fell onto houses), 8 homes received major roof damage,
and 4 storage buildings were destroyed. In addition, 2 businesses were damaged:
parts of the roof were blown off a boot store, and a second store received
major air conditioner and roof damage.
Other reports included nickel sized hail in Vernon in Wilbarger County and
water covering Highway 183 north of Vernon in Wilbarger County.