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January 1995 Storm Data

OKLAHOMA, Western, Central, and Southeastern (OKC) OKZ004>053        January, 1995
North central 03 0630CST- 0 0 Ice, Sleet and Snow
Oklahoma, 1200CST
A light coating of glaze on roads in north central Oklahoma caused at
least 9 injuries in more than 40 traffic accidents. Sleet and snow
began shortly before 7 am then tapered off before noon. Accumulations
of ice and snow were less than 1/2 inch.
Western and central051200CST- 0 0 Freezing Rain and
Oklahoma, 2200CST Sleet
A light coating of glaze on roads was blamed for 3 fatalities and at
least 15 injuries in more than 50 traffic accidents across southwestern
and central Oklahoma. Freezing rain and sleet were occasionally mixed
with snow during the afternoon, then changed to rain during the late
evening. Ice accumulations were less than 1/2 inch.
Choctaw County, 12 1826CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
1 E Ord
Choctaw County, 12 1840CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Atoka County, 12 1933CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
3 W Farris
Severe thunderstorms in southeast Oklahoma produced 3/4" hail in Atoka
and Choctaw Counties.
Oklahoma County, 16 2115CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Central Oklahoma City
Oklahoma County, 16 2128CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
3 E (OKC) Will Rogers Airport
Oklahoma County, 16 2133CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
(TIK) Tinker AFB
McClain County, 16 2134CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Oklahoma County, 16 2136CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
Midwest City
Oklahoma County, 16 2139CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
W Luther
Lincoln County, 16 2140CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
3 NW Tryon
Lincoln County, 16 2142CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
1 N Carney
Cleveland County,16 2143CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
NE Norman
Oklahoma County, 16 2145CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
NE Oklahoma City
Lincoln County, 16 2155CST 0 0 Hail (0.75)
SW Carney
Lincoln County, 16 2200CST 0 0 Hail (0.88)
Lincoln County, 16 2200CST 0 0 Hail (1.00)
W Carney
Severe thunderstorms in central Oklahoma produced hail as large as 1
inch in diameter during the evening of the 16th.
Western, Central,22 0 0 Heavy Snow
and Southeastern
OKZ004>053 Heavy snow fell across much of Oklahoma beginning as rain and freezing
rain shortly before midnight the evening of the 21st, then changing to
snow during the early morning hours. Most of the snow ended before
noon on the 22nd.
The heaviest snow fell in two east-west oriented bands across central
Oklahoma. The southern band stretched from Apache (in southern Caddo
County) to Lindsay to Byng to Calvin (in central Hughes County).
Snowfall totals in this band were typically from 8 to 9 inches with an
11 to 12 inch maximum in northeastern Pontotoc and southern Hughes
Counties. Specific snowfall totals were 8 inches in Apache, Cox City,
and Lindsay; 9 inches in Rush Springs; 11 inches in Byng; and 12 inches
in Calvin, Allen, Atwood, and Gerty.
A second band extended across north-central Oklahoma from Kingfisher to
Stillwater and Chandler. The snowfall maximum in this area was more
uniform with 7-inch totals in Kingfisher, Chandler, Stillwater,
Mulhall, and north Oklahoma City.
Although no injuries or fatalities were directly caused by the heavy
snow, law enforcement officials attributed over 100 traffic accidents
to snow and ice on roads. One death and at least 25 injuries occurred
in these traffic accidents.
Two accidents involving trucks closed portions of major highways for
several hours around Oklahoma City. Two of three northbound lanes of
I-35 were closed for 4 hours due to an overturned tractor-trailer, and
I-44 westbound was also restricted to one lane for two hours by an
overturned truck.
Other reports included several injuries due to pedestrians slipping on
ice, and the roof of a barn on the Seminole County Fairgrounds
collapsed due to the weight of the snow the afternoon of the 22nd.
*****NORTH TEXAS TXZ083>090 JANUARY 1995