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November 1994 Storm Data

OKLAHOMA, Western, Central, and Southeastern (OKC) OKZ004>053        November, 1994
Pushmataha County,03 1640CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
  5 NNE Clayton
                 An isolated severe thunderstorm in southeastern Oklahoma produced
                 strong winds.
Stephens County, 04  0930CST            0    0            Flash Flooding
Oklahoma County, 04  1020CST            0    2            Lightning
  (TIK) Tinker AFB  
Cotton County,   04  1100CST    An        0    0            Flash Flooding
  4 S Randlett
Jefferson County,04  1100CST            0    0            Flash Flooding
Jackson County,  04  1500CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  3 SSW Eldorado     
Jackson County,  04  1527CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
                 Thunderstorms scattered across parts of central, south central, and
                 southwestern Oklahoma produced flash flooding and caused injuries due
                 to lightning.  In Oklahoma County at Tinker AFB 2 men were struck by
                 lightning.  One man was stunned and the other was revived with CPR. 
                 Roads in Duncan in Stephens County were covered with 6 inches of
                 water, and in nearby Cotton County 8 inches of water covered some
                 roads.  Roadways in Waurika in Jefferson County were also reported
                 under water.
                 A severe thunderstorm moved from North Texas northeastward into
                 southern Oklahoma, producing dime-sized hail in Jackson County.  
Jackson County,  08  2303CST            0    0            Hail (1.00)
  SE Eldorado      
Jackson County,  08  2303CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
  SE Eldorado      
Jackson County,  08  2320CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
Kiowa County,    08  2343CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
Kiowa County,    09  0000CST            0    0            Hail (1.00)
  1 N  Mountain Park 
                 Severe thunderstorms in southwestern Oklahoma produced up to quarter-
                 sized hail and wind speeds up to 60 mph.
Love County,     14  0730CST            0    0            Flash Flooding
  3 N Marietta  
                 In southern Oklahoma a truck was washed off of a low-water crossing
                 into a stream, where it was carried 75 yards. 
Kiowa County,    19  2205CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
                 An isolated severe thunderstorm produced winds up to 60 mph in Kiowa
                 County in southwestern Oklahoma.
Oklahoma County, 20  0204CST            0    0            Flash Flooding
  Oklahoma City   
Oklahoma County, 20  0205CST            0    0            Flash Flooding
  Oklahoma City 
Oklahoma County, 20  0550CST            0    0            Flash Flooding
  Oklahoma City 
Oklahoma County, 20  0605CST            0    0            Flash Flooding
  Oklahoma City 
Oklahoma County, 20  0630CST            0    0            Lightning
  Oklahoma City 
Lincoln County,  20  1030CST            0    0            Flash Flooding
                 Early morning thunderstorms produced flash flooding and caused
                 lightning damage in central Oklahoma.  In Oklahoma County up to 2
                 feet of water flooded I-35 between SE 29th and SE 36th at 0204 am. 
                 On North Blackwelder water was reported running into apartments at
                 0205 am.  Water was also covering Edmond Road between Portland and
                 Meridian at 0550 am.  2 cars were stranded in high water at SW 10th
                 and Robinson at 0605 am.  Lightning struck a power pole at NE 178th
                 and Choctaw, knocking out power for up to 2 hours.  
                 In Lincoln County roads in Davenport were closed due to high water at
                 1030 am. 
McClain County,  20  1500CST            0    0            High Winds
Cleveland County,20  1600CST            0    0            High Winds
Stephens County, 20  1600CST            0    0            High Winds
Oklahoma County, 20  1620CST            0    0            High Winds
  SE Oklahoma City
                 An intense, small-scale low pressure center formed during the
                 afternoon of the 20th and produced high winds not associated with
                 thunderstorms across portions of central and south central Oklahoma. 
                 In McClain County several power poles were broken and power was
                 knocked out in Purcell.  High winds split a tree in Norman in
                 Cleveland County and blew it into a house.  In Stephens County power
                 lines were downed, trash dumpsters were turned over, and a tree was
                 downed by Lake Humphreys near Duncan.   In Oklahoma County the roof
                 was blown off a mobile home in southeast Oklahoma City.
Lincoln County,  21  0534CST            0    0            Flash Flooding
  Nr Davenport
Logan County,    21  0534CST            0    0            Flash Flooding
  Nr Seward 
                 Runoff from thunderstorms in central Oklahoma caused flash flooding
                 in Lincoln and Logan Counties.  In Lincoln County SH 66 between
                 Stroud and Davenport was closed due to high water.  In Logan County
                 flash flooding of Cottonwood Creek caused Charter Oak, Simpson, and
                 Western Roads to be closed due to high water.  Seward Road near
                 Seward was also closed. 
*****NORTH TEXAS TXZ083>090                                   NOVEMBER 1994
Wichita County,  04  0640CST            0    0            Hail (1.00)
  Wichita Falls   
Clay County,     04  0710CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
Wilbarger County,04  0830CST            0    0            Hail (1.00)
  Nr Vernon      
Wichita County,  04  1130CST            0    0            Flash Flooding
Hardeman County, 04  1450CST            0    0            Hail (0.88)
                 Severe thunderstorms in western North Texas moved through the Red
                 River counties, producing hail up to the size of quarters.  Heavy
                 rain covered several streets in Burkburnett in Wichita County with up
                 to 8 inches of water.
Wichita County,  20  0054CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (56)
  (SPS)  Wichita Falls
Wichita County,  20  0055CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  Wichita Falls  
                 A severe thunderstorm produced winds up to 64 mph and blew away a
                 shed at Wichita Falls High School.