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Western Heat Wave Continues; Severe Weather in the Midwest; Tropical Disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico

The persistent and extreme heat wave being felt across the western U.S. is set to continue and even expand into the Central U.S. Severe weather and flash flooding are possible over the Midwest. A tropical depression will likely form over the western Gulf of Mexico in the next two days. Heavy rain could begin to impact portions of the northern Gulf Coast Friday. Read More >

OKLAHOMA, Western, Central, and Southeastern (OKC) OKZ004>053           January, 1994
North Central    06  1600CST-           0    0            Ice
Oklahoma,            2200CST
  Zones 007-008-012-
                 Water on roads froze as temperatures fell below freezing during the
                 late afternoon and evening hours on the 6th. Ice covered roads
                 contributed to several accidents and 1 fatality. A man lost his life on
                 Interstate 35 south of Tonkawa when he lost control of his car and hit
                 another vehicle. 
Bryan County,    11  0400CST            0    0   2        Lightning
                 A lightning strike destroyed an electric insulator and knocked out the
                 power for several hours in Calera.
Southeastern     16  0630CST-           0    0            Ice
Oklahoma,            2000CST
  Zones 031-032-042- 
                 Widespread freezing drizzle and light freezing rain fell across much of
                 southeastern Oklahoma on the 16th. Roads became ice covered and
                 hazardous and contributed to numerous accidents, several injuries and
                 one fatality. A man lost his life after his van slid off on an ice
                 covered road 4 miles west of Fittstown. 
Coal County,     16  2030CST            0    0   2        Lightning
                 A lightning strike hit and destroyed a lightning arrestor and knocked
                 out the power in Coalgate. 
Roger Mills,     26  0130CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  5.5 NW Reydon
Roger Mills,     26  0130CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
Beckham County,  26  0330CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
Greer County,    26  0330CST            0    0            Hail (1.00)
  8 W Willow
Muskogee County, 26  0355CST            0    0            Hail (0.88)
Wagoner County,  26  0415CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  3 W Okay
Craig County,    26  0520CST            0    0            Hail (0.88)
  2 W Vinita 
Craig County,    26  0528CST            0    0            Hail (0.80)
                 Thunderstorms moved into western Oklahoma during the early morning
                 hours on the 26th and raced eastward. The storms produced hail up to
                 quarter size.
                 Nickel size hail accumulated up to 6 inches deep 2 miles west of
                 Vinita. Dime size hail covered the ground in Delhi and 5.5 miles
                 northwest of Reydon. Hail up to quarter size covered the ground 8 miles
                 west of Willow.
McCurtain County,26  1725CST            0    0            Hail (1.00)
  3 S Tom
                 An isolated severe thunderstorm in southeast Oklahoma during the early
                 evening hours on the 26th produced hail up to quarter size. 
North Texas      30  1600CST-           0    0            Snow
  Zones 083>089-     2350CST
                 During the late afternoon and evening hours on the 30th, 2 to 4 inches
                 of snow with a few local amounts in excess of 5 inches fell across the
                 western part of north Texas. Several traffic accidents occurred and
                 schools were closed or delayed opening the following day.