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Western Heat Wave Continues; Severe Weather in the Midwest; Tropical Disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico

The persistent and extreme heat wave being felt across the western U.S. is set to continue and even expand into the Central U.S. Severe weather and flash flooding are possible over the Midwest. A tropical depression will likely form over the western Gulf of Mexico in the next two days. Heavy rain could begin to impact portions of the northern Gulf Coast Friday. Read More >

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December 1993 Storm Data

OKLAHOMA                                                         December, 1993
Delaware County, 03  0220CST            0    0   4        Lightning
                 Lightning started a fire which resulted in an estimated $30,000 in
                 damage to a house in Grove.
McCurtain County,03  0730CST-           0    0   5        Flash Flood
  Most of County     1700CST
                 Heavy rains of 4 to 8 inches in McCurtain County late on the 2nd and on
                 the 3rd resulted in widespread flash flooding. Many roads were closed,
                 bridges were washed out, vehicles were stranded, several people were
                 evacuated from their homes, schools were closed and several homes and
                 businesses were sandbagged to help keep the floodwaters away. Flood
                 waters were up to 3 feet deep in some homes near 5th and 6th streets
                 northwest in Idabel. 
Beckham County,  12  1630CST            0    0            Hail (0.80)
  3.5 W Mayfield
Harmon County,   12  1640CST            0    0   5        TSTM Wind (61)
Harmon County,   12  1645CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (64)
  3 W Gould
Roger Mills County,121655CST            0    0   4        TSTM Wind
Jackson County,  12  1702CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (54)
  2 S Duke
Roger Mills County,121705CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
  8 S Hammon
Greer County,    12  1705CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  1 S Granite
Greer County,    12  1705CST            0    0   4        TSTM Wind (65)
  1 S Granite
Kiowa County,    12  1715CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  Lone Wolf
Custer County,   12  1715CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (57)
  7 S Butler
Jackson County,  12  1715CST            0    0   3        TSTM Wind
Washita County,  12  1730CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  2 S Canute
Kiowa County,    12  1750CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (74)
Tillman County,  12  1755CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (57)
Custer County,   12  1800CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
Washita County,  12  1800CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
Blaine County,   12  1815CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
  3.5 NNW Hydro
Comanche County, 12  1825CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
Comanche County, 12  1826CST            0    0            Hail (0.88)
  SW Lawton
Cotton County,   12  1830CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
  5.5 W Walters
Caddo County,    12  1843CST            0    0   2        TSTM Wind
  3 SW Anadarko
Comanche County, 12  1849CST            0    0            Hail (0.88)
  2 E Lawton
Grady County,    12  1908CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  2 SW Blanchard
McClain County,  12  1910CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
                 Severe thunderstorms developed in southwest Oklahoma during the late
                 afternoon and evening hours on the 12th moved eastward into portions of
                 central Oklahoma before weakening. These storms produced winds up to 85
                 miles an hour and hail up to nickel size.
                 Strong thunderstorm winds broke out several windshields and windows in
                 automobiles, broke out windows at several businesses, damaged roofs,
                 grain bins and a storage building and destroyed outbuildings and garage
                 doors in Hollis. Thunderstorm winds also blew shingles off roofs 3
                 miles southwest of Anadarko, broke off tree limbs 2 miles south of
                 Canute, tore half the roof off a building in Cheyenne and resulted in
                 roof damage to a building at Altus Air Force Base. A 300 foot tower 1
                 miles south of Granite was blown lose from the concrete base by strong
                 thunderstorm winds. 
                 Dime size hail covered the ground 1 mile south of Granite and in
Oklahoma County, 12  2030CST            0    0   4        Lightning
  3 W Luther
Atoka County,    12  2045CST            0    1            Lightning
  4 W Caney
                 Lightning started a fire which destroyed a large barn and 3,000 bales
                 of hay 3 miles west of Luther. A lightning strike hit a house 4 miles
                 west of Caney, injuring a woman who was talking on the phone.  
Oklahoma Panhandle,130100CST-           0    0   4        High Wind
  Zones 001>003      1200CST
                 An intense low pressure system produced strong winds of up to 65 mph
                 across the Oklahoma Panhandle on the 13th. Strong winds, not associated
                 with thunderstorms, damaged power lines, power poles, light poles and
                 signs. Most of the damage occurred between 0130CST and 0700CST.
Oklahoma Panhandle,241100CST-           0    0            Ice
  Zones 002-003      2200CST  
                 Freezing rain and sleet fell across most of Texas and Beaver Counties
                 in the Oklahoma Panhandle on the 24th. Ice covered and hazardous roads 
                 resulted in numerous accidents. A double fatality accident occurred 5.5
                 miles southwest of Guymon on highway 54 at 2145CST.
Hardeman County, 12  1700CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
Knox County,     12  1700CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
  1.5 N Knox City
Foard County,    12  1700CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
  3 W Crowell
Hardeman County, 12  1715CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (54)
Wilbarger County,12  1750CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
Wilbarger County,12  1800CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
Baylor County,   12  1800CST            0    0   3        TSTM Wind
                 Severe thunderstorms in the western part of north Texas during the late
                 afternoon and early evening hours on the 12th produced strong winds. 
                 Strong thunderstorm winds damaged signs and the roof of a hotel in