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February 1993 Storm Data

OKLAHOMA            February, 1993
Woodward County, 02  2005CST            0    0   4        Lightning
  Lightning struck a house in Mooreland which resulted in a fire that
  caused an estimated $40,000 to $45,000 in damage. The lightning strike
  also caused some minor power outages in the immediate area.

Bryan County,    10  2052CST            0    0            Hail (.75)
Bryan County,    10  2105CST            0    0            Hail (.75)
Panhandle, North and102200CST-          0    0            Snow and Ice
Central Oklahoma,12  1200CST               
  Zones 1>11-13>16-

  A storm system deposited up to 4 inches of snow in the panhandle and
  brought sleet and freezing rain to much of northern and portions of
  central Oklahoma. There were numerous traffic accidents and some power
  outages. On I-40 near Weatherford, 8 accidents occurred in a 45 minute
  period. There were two multiple car pile-ups in the Oklahoma City area.
  One 18 car accident resulted in 3 deaths and 12 injuries. In addition,
  a Mooreland woman died when she lost control of her vehicle on an ice
  covered road and slid into an oncoming vehicle.

Panhandle, West and141900CST-           0    0            Heavy Snow
North Oklahoma,  15  2100CST
  Zones 1>16-26>32-

  Heavy wet snow fell across the panhandle and much of northern Oklahoma.
  Snow accumulations of mostly between 4 and 8 inches with some amounts
  of up to 15 inches in portions of northeast Oklahoma resulted in
  several traffic accidents, numerous power outages and school closings.
  Several thousand people were without power for several days in
  northeast Oklahoma. The weight of the snow snapped tree limbs and
  collapsed awnings, carports and chicken houses. A couple died in a
  traffic accident on a snow covered road 10 miles west of Turpin in the
  panhandle. A Deer Creek man suffered a heart attack and died while
  attempting to walk from his pickup which got stuck in the snow.

Pittsburg County,15  1945CST            0    0   4        Lightning

  Lightning struck and cracked an electrical insulator. The lightning
  strike also caused some dips in power.

Panhandle and    24  0900CST-           0    0            Snow and Ice
North Oklahoma,  24  2300CST
  Zones 1>7-10-11-

  Snow fell across the panhandle while freezing rain and freezing drizzle
  fell across northern Oklahoma. The weight of the ice on power lines in
  northern Oklahoma brought some power lines down and resulted in power
  outages. A Bartlesville man lost his life when he was in a traffic
  accident involving two tractor-trailer trucks near Miami. A few other
  relatively minor traffic accidents were reported.

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