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August 1992 Storm Data

OKLAHOMA           August, 1992
Mc Clain County  01  1335CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
  6 W Purcell
Jefferson County 01  1622CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (61)
  2 E Grady
Love County      01  1630CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
Alfalfa County   01  1705CST            0    0            Hail (1.00)
  1 W Burlington
Atoka County     01  1730CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
Caddo County     01  1735CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
Pushmataha County01  1745CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
Woods County     01  1755CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
Kiowa County     01  1830CST            0    0            Hail (1.75)
  6 E Mountain View
Kiowa County     01  1900CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  8 S 2.8 E Mountain View
Washita County   01  1905CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  3.5 S Cowden
Caddo County     01  1905CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
Woodward County  01  2045CST            0    0            Hail (0.88)
  Alabaster Caverns
Woodward County  01  2140CST            0    0            Hail (1.50)
  8 N 2 W Woodward
Woodward County  01  2204CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  Boiling Springs
  State Park
Woodward County  01  2225CST            0    0            Hail (1.00)

  Severe thunderstorm were widely scattered across southeast, central,
  southwest, and northwest Oklahoma. High winds from a severe
  thunderstorm blew down trees at Antlers, and hail up to golfball size
  was reported.

Pittsburg County 02  1610CST            0    0            Hail (0.88)
  3 S Savanna
Pittsburg County 02  1610CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  2 NNE Pittsburg - 
  0.5 W Pittsburg
Pittsburg County 02  1620CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  1 E Kiowa
Latimer County   02  1625CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  Nr Damon
  Isolated severe thunderstorms developed in Pittsburg and Latimer
  Counties of southeast Oklahoma during the late afternoon of August 2nd.
  Damaging winds occurred in Pittsburg County in a northeast to southwest
  oriented path from 2 miles north of Pittsburg to 0.5 miles west of
  Pittsburg. In this area 1 storage building was overturned, an awning
  was blown off a mobile home, and a batting cage was blown down at
  Pittsburg High School. A barn also received substantial damage in this
  area, and 3 homes suffered minor shingle damage. Thunderstorm winds
  also downed trees and power lines and caused substantial damage to a
  barn just east of Kiowa. Large hail also accompanied the storms, with
  nickel size hail 3 miles south fo Savanna and dime size hail near

Nowata County    03  1200CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  South Coffeyville
Ottawa County    03  1245CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
Ottawa County    03  1246CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
Mayes County     03  1258CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
Delaware County  03  1300CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
Tulsa County     03  1300CST            0    1   3        Lightning
Mayes County     03  1340CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (59)
  6 SW Choteau

  Severe thunderstorms moved across northwest, central, and much of
  eastern Oklahoma during the evening of the 4th into the morning hours
  of the 5th. fetrnoon of August 3rd and produced damaging winds at
  several locations. Thunderstorm winds gusting to 60 miles an hour
  downed numerous trees and power lines at Miami, and large tree limbs
  were blown down at South Coffeyville and Bernice. Thunderstorm winds
  gusted to 65 to 70 miles an hour 6 miles southwest of Chouteau, with 60
  mile an hour winds at both Adair and Afton. In Owasso lightning struck
  a tree causing the tree to explode. A 16 year old girl who was 30 feet
  away was injured by flying bark. The debris broke windows in front of
  the house. 

Creek County     03  2328CST            0    0            Hail (0.88)
Noble County     03  2350CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
Pawnee County    03  2358CST            0    0            Hail (0.88)
Garfield County  04  0015CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
Grant County     04  0020CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  1 S Bison
Osage County     04  0215CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  1 S Fairfax
Payne County     04  0250CST            0    0            Flash Flood
  Lake Carl Blackwell
Noble County     04  0300CST            0    0            Flash Flood
  Southwestern Portion of County
Garfield County  04  0300CST-           0    0   4        Flash Flood
  Enid               0500CST
Tulsa County     04  0330CST            0    0            Hail (0.88)
Grant County     04  0400CST            0    0            Flash Flood
  4 S 1 W Pond Creek

  Severe thunderstorms developed in north central and northeast Oklahoma
  during the late evening of August 3rd and early morning of August 4th.
  Thses storms produced dime to nickel size hail at Sapulpa, at Maramec,
  at Turley, and 1 mile south of Fairfax. Thunderstorm winds also downed
  a tree 1 mile south of Fairfax, and trees were downed in Lucien.
  The thunderstorms also triggered a round of flash flooding across north
  central and northwest Oklahoma. High water at Lake Carl Blackwell
  topped the spillway and caused flash flooding downstream, mainly to

  In Southwestern Noble County, 5 to 6 inches of rain flooded streams. 
  Portions of Highway 77 were flooded. A man who attempted to
  drive across a flooded roadway in Noble County was washed off the
  roadway and had to be rescued. In the area from Enid to Covington
  rainfall in excess of 3.5 inches of rain fell, washing out numerous
  culverts south of Enid Woodring Airport, and flooding the Garfield
  County Courthouse. Many homes and businesses reported flooding in
  Covington. South and west of Pond Creek, homes were reported isolated
  by the high water. 

Roger Mills County04 1810CST            0    0            Hail (1.00)
  4 W Reydon
Pittsburg County 04  2010CST            0    0            Hail (1.75)
  8 S Mc Alester
Pittsburg County 04  2025CST            0    0            Hail (1.00)
  5 SW Mc Alester
Muskogee County  04  2045CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  3 W Muskogee
Pittsburg County 04  2100CST            0    0            Hail (0.88)
  Nr Savanna
Kingfisher County04  2200CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  14 SE Hennessey
Pittsburg County 04  2217CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  4 N Bache
Lincoln County   04  2222CST            0    0            Hail (1.00)
  10 W Tyrone
Lincoln County   04  2227CST            0    0            Hail (0.88)
  1 N Chandler
Okfuskee County  04  2230CST            0    0            Hail (0.88)
  2 E Okemah
Hughes County    04  2230CST            0    0            Hail (1.50)
  6 S 2 W Dustin
Hughes County    04  2230CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  6 S 2 W Dustin            
Lincoln County   04  2230CST            0    0            Hail (1.00)
  11 N Chandler
Pittsburg County 04  2255CST            0    0            Hail (1.75)
Pittsburg County 04  2300CST            0    0            Hail (2.75)
  7 E Mc Alester
Pittsburg County 04  2315CST            0    0            Hail (1.75)
Haskell County   04  2340CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
McIntosh County  05  0000CST            0    0            Hail (0.88)
  3 W Eufala
Okfuskee County  05  0000CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
Lincoln County   05  0000CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  4 S Chandler
Lincoln County   05  0130CST            0    0            Flash Flood
  NE Portion of County
Okmulgee County  05  0200CST-           0    0   7        Flash Flood
  Henryetta to Dewar 1200CST
Pawnee County    05  0230CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  5 W Maramec
Kay County       05  0130CST            0    0            Hail (1.00)
  7.5 W Tonkawa
Tulsa County     05  0230CST            0    0            Hail (0.88)
  South Tulsa
Kay County       05  0300CST            0    0            Hail (1.25)
  3 SE Tonkawa
Tulsa County     05  0301CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  South Tulsa
Alfalfa County   05  0315CST            0    0   4        TSTM Wind
  4.8 W Burlington          
Payne County     05  0340CST            0    0            Hail (2.50)
  3 E 1.5 S Glencoe
Payne County     05  0345CST            0    0            Hail (1.00)
  5 E Glencoe
Kay County       05  0415CST            0    0            Flash Flood
  NW Kay County
Major County     05  0415CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
Noble County     05  0430CST            0    0            Flash Flood
  3 N Perry
Garfield County  05  0430CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  3 N 1 W Drummond
Okfuskee County  05  0450CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  3 W Okemah
Hughes County    05  0500CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  5 N Lamar
Muskogee County  05  0530CST            0    9            Lightning
  Nr Camp Gruber
Pittsburg County 05  0615CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  7 S Mc Alester
Oklahoma County  05  0615CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  SW Oklahoma City
Pittsburg County 05  0641CST-           0    0            Flash Flood
  Entire County      0900CST            0    0            
Okfuskee County  05  0815CST            0    0            Flash Flood
  Entire County

  Severe thunderstorms developed across portions of northwest, central,
  and eastern Oklahoma during the evening of August 4th and continued
  into the early morning of August 5th. Golfball to baseball size hail
  was reported in several locations. Many other locations received dime
  to quarter size hail. Damaging winds also accompanied a few of the
  storms. Thunderstorm winds downed power lines 3 miles west of Okemah
  and gusted to 60 miles an hour at Lequire, at Weleetka, and 7 miles
  south of Mc Alester. Thunderstorm winds blew a garage door off a house,
  and downed tree limbs and power lines west of Burlington. Thunderstorm
  winds downed trees in Hughes County south-southwest of Dustin, north-
  north-northwest of Drummond, and trees were downed in Oklahoma City at
  S.W 15th and Pennsylvania Avenue. Nine military personnel near Camp
  Gruber were injured when their tent was struck by lightning, with 3 of
  the injured hospitalized for treatment of burns. 

  Significant flash flooding was also reported in several locations.
  Flooding in Okmulgee County, mainly afffecting the towns of Henryetta
  and Dewar. Rainfall of 3 to 5 inches fell over a large area, with an
  unofficial report of over 8 inches near Henryetta. This excessive
  rainfall caused Coal Creek to overflow its banks around 0200CST on the
  5th. Water flooded Main Street in Henryetta to a depth of 7 feet. Roads
  and gas pipelines were damaged, and 150 homes in Henryetta and 50 homes
  in Dewar were flooded. Rescue operations began in the flooded area
  around 0230CST. Twelve businesses were also affected by the
  floodwaters. No deaths or injuries occurred in Okmulgee County, but the
  City Manager of Henryetta estimated property damage to be several
  million dollars. 

  Highway 270 just west of Mc Alester had water flowing across it, and
  many streets in Mc Alester along with several county roads in Pittsburg
  County were covered by water. A total of 25 homes in Pittsburg County
  had water in them. Street flooding occurred in the town of Pawnee, and
  Black Bear Creek was out of its banks in western Pawnee County, causing
  flooding of rural areas. Several small creeks also were out of their
  banks in Okfuskee County, forcing the evacuation of a home 5 miles
  northwest of Okemah. Several county roads in Okfuske County were also
  flooded. Stream flooding was reported in the northeastern portion of
  Lincoln County. State Highway 11 2.5 miles west of Interstate 35 was
  closed due to high water, as was Highway 77 at Black Creek 3 miles
  north of Perry.

Delaware County  06  1615CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  8 NW Jay

  An isolated severe thunderstorm developed in Delaware County of
  northeast Oklahoma during the late afternoon of August 6th. This storm
  produced damaging winds which downed numerous tree limbs and damaged
  several outbuildings 8 miles northwest of Jay.

Seminole County  06  1600CST            0    0   5        Flash Flood
Hughes County    06  1705CST            0    0            Flash Flood

  Rainfall of 4.4 inches in 1.5 hours caused flooding to portions of
  Wewoka. A garage was swept away and a city bridge was undermined and
  collapsed. A city animal shelter was flooded, and dogs clinging to the
  tops of their cages had to be rescued. A man who drove across a roadway
  which was floodedhad to be rescued as his truck was washed away. Also,
  heavy rainfall flooded roadways in Holdenville.

Ellis County     10  1729CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (50)
Ellis County     10  1729CST            0    0            Hail (0.88)
Ellis County     10  1845CST            0    0            Hail (0.88)
  5 N 1 W Fargo
Woodward County  10  1830CST-           0    0            Hail (0.75)
  5 N 0.5 E Fargo    1845CST
Ottawa County    10  2217CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  4 S Fairland
Delaware County  10  2240CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  West Siloam Springs
Delaware County  10  2240CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (61)
Delaware County  10  2255CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (70)
Ottawa County    10  2255CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
Craig County     10  2300CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  1 SE Vinita
Adair County     10  2300CST-           0    0            TSTM Wind
  Stilwell           2330CST
Adair County     10  2300CST-           0    0            TSTM Wind
  Westville          2330CST
Mayes County     10  2310CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (70)
  Nr Salina
Cherokee County  10  2320CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
Nowata County    10  2345CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  2 S Nowata County
Rogers County    11  0010CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  Nr Oologah
Washington County11  0024CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
Tulsa County     11  0035CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
  1 S Owasso
Mc Intosh County 11  0037CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
Rogers County    11  0040CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  1 SW Catoosa
Tulsa County     11  0040CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  2 SW Catoosa
Osage County     11  0055CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  7 NNE Barnsdall
Osage County     11  0130CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
Kay County       11  0130CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
Kay County       11  0150CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
Kay County       11  0150CST            0    0   3        TSTM Wind
Kay County       11  0200CST            0    0   3        TSTM Wind
  Ponca City
Noble County     11  0211CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
Payne County     11  0219CST            0    0            TSTM Wind (52)
  5 N Stillwater
Garfield County  11  0225CST            0    0            TSTM Wind
  Nr Enid
Garfield County  11  0300CST            0    0   5        Flash Flood
  N Enid
  Severe thunderstorms moved across northern Oklahoma during the
  afternoon and evening of the 10th, and continued through the overnight
  hours of the 11th. The thunderstorm across northwest Oklahoma produced
  large hail, but the storms across north central and northeast Oklahoma
  produced mostly strong and damaging winds. Thunderstorm winds gusted to
  80 miles per hour at Leach and near Rose, and wind gusts of 60 to 70
  MPH occurred at several other locations across eastern Oklahoma.

  Numerous trees and tree limbs were downed at Stilwell and Westville,
  and strong winds persisted for 30 minutes at both locations.
  Thunderstorm winds downed trees near Enid, at West Siloam Springs,
  Talequah, Fairland, Eufala, Ramona, and Cleora, with 4 inch diameter
  limbs downed just southeast of Vinita. A downed tree blocked a road
  near Oologah. Power lines were downed at Talequah, and on the
  Tulsa/Rogers County line near Interstate 44 and 161st East Avenue
  southwest of Catoosa. Power poles were downed at Ramona and Perry.

  A severe thunderstorm downed trees and damaged the roof of a house in
  Ponca City. A severe thunderstorm downed trees and tore the awning off
  a building in Blackwell. Large trees were downed by the wind at the
  Woolaroc ranch 7 miles north northeast of Barnsdall. Plate glass
  windows were blown out in Fairfax, and a porch was blown off a house in
  Cleora. Strong thunderstorm winds 2 miles south of Nowata downed
  several large trees, partially tore wooden roofs off several buildings,
  and tore a tin roof off of a barn.

  Also heavy rainfall from the thunderstorms caused flash flooding in
  Enid. Rainfall of 2.88 inches was reported in Enid, but up to 4 inches
  of rain just north of Enid. Street flooding was widespread around Enid.
  Part of the roof of an Enid meat company collapsed under the weight of
  the heavy rain on the roof. Much of the Enid Correctional Center was
  severe damaged by the flooding. In 10 minutes the ground below the
  facility went from being dry to under 6 feet of water. The center's
  kitchen and laundry area were wiped out, as was all first floor
  housing. Ice machines, freezers, washers, dryers, and lawn mowers were
  destroyed. Three vans were flooded, and inmate property was washed
  away. Four inmates who were trapped by the rapidly rising waters had to
  be rescued.

Major County     13  2315CST            0    0            Hail (0.88)
  5 N Bouse Junction
Woodward County  13  2315CST            0    0            Hail (1.00)
  7 N 1 E Mooreland
Texas County     16  0100CST            0    0   4        Lightning

  Lightning struck a mobile home, and set it on fire. Damage was
  estimated at $6,000. 

Texas County     17  1800CST            0    0            Flash Flood
  Wrn Ptn of County

  Heavy rains flooded fields in western Texas County, and floodwaters
  partially closed State Highway 3 for several hours.

Major County     30  0840CST            0    0            Flash Flood
  8 E Fairview
Major County     30  1145CST-           0    0            Flash Flood
  5 S Fairview       1400CST
Blaine County    30  1145CST            0    0            Flash Flood
  N Part of County

  Heavy rainfall in Major County flooded a highway 8 miles east of
  Fairview. Rainfall of up to 7.6 inches flooded highway 58 south of
  Fairview. Extremely severe erosion of wheat fields was observed by the
  NWS Service Hydrologist in northern Blaine County.

******NORTHWEST TEXAS******       AUGUST 1992
Wichita County   30  1500CST            0    0   3        Flash Flood

  As much as 5 inches of rain fell in Electra, flooding some rural roads
  and at least 1 house.