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Local Cooperative Weather Observer Honored

 Meteorologist Chris Darden and Observer Program Leader Lary Burgett present Mr. Crow with the Edward H. Stoll Award for 50 years of service

Meteorologist-In-Charge Chris Darden, Chris Darden and Observation Program Leader, Lary Burgett present Mr. McCravy with the Edward H. Stoll Award for 50 years of dedicated service. 

William Crow receives the prestigious Edward H. Stoll Award 
For 50 Years of Service


The National Weather Service Cooperative Observer (COOP) network consists of more than 11,000 volunteers around the country who report daily meteorological information such as temperature and precipitation.  These observations provide crucial data in support of the climate mission and field operations of the National Weather Service.  On December 11, 2012, one of our local cooperative observers, Mr. William Crow, was recognized with the prestigious Edward H. Stoll Award.  For 50 years, Crow has been an invaluable participant in the COOP Program, reporting temperature and precipitation totals daily to the National Weather Service.  His observations have been important to the National Weather Service in performing its mission and also to the local community due to the accuracy and reliability of his record keeping. 

Along the way, Mr. Crow received the John Campanius Hold Award, which is given to approximately 25 observers each year.  Recipients of this award must consistently provide accurate and complete weather observations for a minimum of 20 years.  They must show an unusual effort to continuously provide observations despite illness, emergency absences, equipment failure or inclement weather conditions. 

In addition, Mr. Crow received the Thomas Jefferson Award in 2004.  This award is the most prestigious award given in the National Weather Service COOP Program.  To be eligible for the Thomas Jefferson Award, an observer must have a minimum of 25 years of service and have received the John Campanius Holm Award at least five years prior to being nominated for the Thomas Jefferson Award.  During that time period the observer must continue to demonstrate a high level of dedication and excellence as a cooperative observer. 

However, the many observers across the country who dedicate their time and resources to the COOP Program do it not for recognition, but because of their dedication to the mission and their desire to provide the most accurate weather and climate information.  Mr. Crow has faithfully and without fail provided his local community and the region of north Alabama with critical climate data for 50 years.  The National Weather Service in Huntsville can always count on Mr. Crow to report his accurate information with a cheerful voice regardless of the situation or the condition, and we are proud to have him as one of our cooperative observers.  It is with great honor that we present him with the Edward H. Stoll award for 50 years of distinguished service to our community, our region, and our country. 

Mr. Crow's observing equipment in Valley Head, AL.

Mr. Crow receiving the Thomas Jefferson Award in 2004, with his wife at his side.


To view daily reports from our cooperative observers (including reports from Mr. Crow at Valley Head, AL), be sure to check out our Daily Temperatures and Precipitation product.
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