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Critical Fire Weather Threats and Dangerous Heat Continue Across the West

Critical fire weather conditions along with dangerous heat continue across portions of the West this weekend. Elsewhere, a few severe thunderstorms are possible across the northern and central High Plains today, with this threat gradually shifting eastward into the Upper Midwest through Tuesday. Read More >

Lake Fly Hatch Seen on NWS Doppler Radar


The annual spring hatch of lake flies on Lake Winnebago was detected by the NWS Green Bay Doppler radar during the morning of May 8, 2009. Lake flies, which look like big mosquitoes, hatch each spring around this time. Department of Natural Resource officials report there are many millions of these flies that emerge from Lake Winnebago--potentially into the trillions. Once hatched, the lake flies live for up to two weeks before dying off.

Click for larger image - Radar image of lake flies on Lake Winnebago
Radar image of lake flies on Lake Winnebago. Click for larger image.  

Click for larger image - Animation of lake flies over Lake Winnebago
Animation from 7:05 am to 7:42 am CDT showing lake flies emerging from Lake Winnebago. Click for larger animation.

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