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County Burn Restrictions and/or Bans:  Minnesota    Iowa


Current Fire Weather Forecasts

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to view the Fire Weather Narrative Forecast for your area.
Map showing fire weather zone numbers for the NWS Sioux Falls forecast area. A list of these zone numbers and links to the zone forecast are available below the map.

SDZ255 - Lower Brule/Lake Andes [] SDZ256 - Middle James Valley [] SDZ257 - Middle Big Sioux Valley
SDZ258 - Lower James/Lower Big Sioux Valleys [] NEZ249 - Extreme Northeast Nebraska
MNZ071 - Lincoln County MN [] MNZ072 - Lyon County MN
MNZ097 - Pipestone County MN [] MNZ080 - Murray County MN [] MNZ081 - Cottonwood County MN
MNZ098 - Rock County MN [] MNZ089 - Nobles County MN [] MNZ090 - Jackson County MN
IAZ001 - Lyon County IA [] IAZ002 - Osceola County IA [] IAZ003 - Dickinson County IA
IAZ012 - Sioux County IA [] IAZ013 - O'Brien County IA [] IAZ014 - Clay County IA
IAZ020 - Plymouth County IA [] IAZ021 - Cherokee County IA [] IAZ022 - Buena Vista County IA
IAZ031 - Woodbury County IA [] IAZ032 - Ida County IA

Products from NWS Sioux Falls, and state grassland maps for Iowa and SD

(for important specifics on these products, see the explanations section below)

Note:  Through interagency agreement, the dates listed above for the Fire Weather Forecast can be altered in times of persistent dry or wet conditions. 

Interactive Forecast Graphics from Sioux Falls

Fire Weather from other NWS Offices, including Planning Forecasts

Weather and Climate Data

Area Fire Coordination Centers and Area Annual Operating Plans


USA RAWS Climate Archive

(for current and old RAWS data from any state)

Active Fire Maps

Drought and Hazards Assessment Products

(for important specifics on these products, see the explanations section below)

Explanations for some common Local and National Fire Weather Elements/Drought Indices