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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Anchorage AK
1000 PM AKDT Sun May 3 2020

...Anchorage International Airport Climate Highlights for April

...12th Wettest April...
...16th Snowiest Snow Season Through the End of April...
...26th Snowiest April...
...32nd Coldest April...
...4th Consecutive Month of Below Average Temperatures...
...First Time the first 4 months of the year
were all below average since 2009...
...3rd Wettest January through April...
...13th Coldest January through April on record, and the coldest
since 1999...

The period of record includes 69 Aprils.


April 2020 was the 32nd coldest April on record with an average
temperature of 36.6 degrees. This is 0.2 degrees below the normal
of 36.8 degrees.

This was the 4th consecutive month with an average temperature
below the climatological normal for the month.

The average high in April 2020 was 43.7 degrees. This was 0.8
degrees below the normal of 44.5 degrees. The average low in April
2020 was 29.6 degrees, which is 0.5 degrees above the normal of
29.1 degrees.

This was the coldest April since 2013 by average temperature.

14 days in April had above average temperatures.
11 days in April had below average temperatures.
5 days in April had average temperatures (1/2 degree or less).

There weren`t any days in April 2020 that were more than 10
degrees above or below their daily normals.

The most above normal day in April 2020 occurred on the 15th,
which was 5.9 degrees warmer than the daily normal.
The most below normal day on April 2020 occurred on the 7th, which
was 8.9 degrees colder than the daily normal.

The warmest monthly high in April 2020 occurred on the 28th, when
the high reached 55 degrees. This is the normal monthly high for
April. This was the coldest monthly high in April since 2018.

The coldest monthly low in April 2020 occurred on the 7th, when
the low reached 16 degrees. This was the 28th coldest monthly low
in April. The normal monthly low is 17 degrees. This was the
coldest April monthly low since 2013.

For the January through April period, the average temperature was
20.8 degrees. This was the 13th coldest January through April on
record, and the coldest January through April since 1999. This was
the first time the January through April period were all below
average since 2009.


April 2020 was the 12th wettest April on record, with 0.97 inches
of precipitation measured during the month. The normal
precipitation for April is 0.47 inches. April 2020 had 206
percent of its normal precipitation for the month.

This was the 3rd consecutive month with above normal

The wettest day in April was on the 2nd, when 0.26 inches of
precipitation were measured. This was the 35th wettest April day
on record. This is comparable with April 2019`s wettest day (0.27

16 of 30 days in April had a trace or more of precipitation.
12 days had measurable precipitation.
5 days had 1/10 inch or more of precipitation.
1 day had 1/4 inch or more of precipitation.

This was the 3rd wettest January through April period on record.

Top 5 Wettest January through Aprils on Record
1) 6.70 inches- 1963
2) 6.02 inches- 1955
3) 4.70 inches- 2020
4) 4.62 inches- 1979
4.62 inches- 1977

...Snowfall and Snow Season...

April 2020 was the 26th snowiest April on record, with 5.0 inches
falling during the month. The normal snowfall for April is 4.0
inches. Thus, April had 125 percent of its normal snowfall.

April 2020 was the 5th consecutive month with above normal

The snowiest day in April occurred on the 2nd, with 2.4 inches of
snow measured. That was the 39th snowiest April day on record.

5 of 30 days had a trace or more of snow.
3 days had measurable snow.
2 days had 1 inch or more of snow.
2 days had 2 inches or more of snow.

The average snow depth in April was 9.3 inches. This ties 1992 for
the 10th deepest April snow depth on record.

The last day there was at least 1 inch of snow on the ground was
April 19th. The normal last day is April 17th.

Snow season 2019-2020 is the 16th snowiest snow season through the
end of April, with a total snowfall of 88.6 inches. The normal
snowfall through the end of April is 74.2 inches. Thus, April ends
with a surplus of 14.4 inches. There was 119 percent of the normal
snowfall through the end of April.

Snow season 2019-2020 is down 1 place from the end of March.

...April 2020 vs. April 2019...

April 2020 was cooler, slightly drier, and less snowy than April

Temperature: 36.6 degrees in 2020 vs. 40.1 degrees in 2019.
Precipitation: 0.97 inches in 2020 vs. 1.11 inches in 2019.
Snowfall: 5.0 inches in 2020 vs. 9.1 inches in 2019.
Snow Season: 88.6 inches in 2019-2020 vs. 65.0 inches in 2018-2019.

...Daily Records Set in April 2020...

Type...........Date...New Record...Old Record (Year)

High Minimum...15th...36 degrees...35 degrees (2016, 1998, 1996,
1993, 1975, 1970)

No other records were set in April 2020.

...Daily Records Count for 2020 (Change)...

High Maximum....1
High Minimum....1 (+1)
Low Maximum.....0
Low Minimum.....0

This is the fewest number of high maximum records through the end
of April since 2013.

...Climate Highlights for May 2020...

Normal High: 56.0 degrees.
Normal Temperature: 47.8 degrees.
Normal Low: 39.6 degrees.
Normal Precipitation: 0.72 inches.
Normal Snowfall: 0.3 inches.

Warmest May: 52.5 degrees average temperature (2014).
Warmest Day: 77 degrees on May 21, 2002.
Coldest May: 41.1 degrees average temperature (1964).
Coldest Day: 17 degrees on May 10, 1964.
Wettest May: 2.18 inches (2019).
Wettest Day: 0.97 inches on May 30, 1980.
Driest May: 0.02 inches in 1957.
Snowiest May: 6.1 inches in 2001.
Snowiest Day: 5.0 inches on May 3, 2001.

Latest Annual Snowfall: May 22, 1964 (0.2 inches).
Average First High of 60 degrees: May 13th.
Average High hits 60 degrees: May 28th.
Average Low hits 40 degrees: May 16th.
Latest Last Freeze: May 22, 1964 (32 degrees).
Average Last Freeze: May 7th.
Earliest 70 degree day: May 8, 1981.
25 of the previous 68 Mays had at least one 70 degree day-
(37 percent)
Last 70 degree day in May: May 31, 2017.

...Calendar of Astronomy and Holidays...

Beginning of the Month Daylight: 16 hours 17 minutes.
Full Moon (Flower Moon): May 7th at 2:45am.
Nautical Twilight All Night Begins: May 7th.
First Day with More than 17 Hours of Daylight: May 9th.
Third Quarter Moon: May 14th at 6:02am.
Last Day Gaining 5 minutes of daylight: May 16th.
First Sunrise Before 5am: May 20th.
First Day with More than 18 Hours of Daylight: May 21st.
New Moon: May 22nd at 9:38am.
First Sunset After 11pm: May 23rd.
Last day Gaining 4 minutes of daylight: May 28th.
First Quarter Moon: May 29th at 7:29pm.
End of the Month Daylight: 18 hours 43 minutes.
Total Monthly Daylight Gain: 2 hours 26 minutes.