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Channel Program time Service area
ARCS 5:30 p.m. 235 communities in Bush Alaska
KUAC-TV 9.4 (UAFTV) 5:30 p.m. Fairbanks and Interior Alaska
YouTube  after 6 p.m. Online: 
360 North 7:30 p.m. Many areas statewide on-air, satellite and cable


These are the most current TV weather images used in the National Weather Service’s statewide public television show Alaska Weather which is made possible through partnerships with Alaska Public Media, KUAC-TV, 360 North and the Alaska Public Broadcasting’s Alaska Rural Communications Service (ARCS).

These images serve as a general forecast for the state. They should be used for planning purposes only. For more specific, up-to-date forecasts, please read the text and graphical forecasts produced by NWS Alaska Region’s forecast offices. Each day the TV aviation and marine images will expire as new forecast information is produced the next morning.





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Click here for a collection of TV weather maps.

All images are updated daily at 5:00pm Alaska time and expire at 8am every morning.

Alaska Statewide Weather

Alaska Statewide Weather is produced by the TV Desk meteorologists from the Alaska Weather show. The message is two and half minutes long and is available seven days a week, by 4pm. A date/time stamp has been placed next to the broadcast to indicate when it was last updated. The broadcast features a general overview of the today's weather, the forecast for the next two days, and the current public weather warnings across Alaska.

To listen to the latest broadcast, click on the following link: Alaska Statewide Weather Audio

To view the Alaska Weather Daily Briefing, click on the following link: NWSAnchorage YouTube


For other formats of the broadcast and stand-alone educational audio files, including a video accompaniment to the broadcast, click here.

This broadcast is meant for planning purposes only. For more detailed, up-to-date forecasts, please visit the NWS Alaska Region's website at If you have troubles downloading the broadcast or educational audio files, please email the TV Weather Desk.

Alaska Weather Facts

Interested in watching the educational segments from the Alaska Weather show on your computer? Well now you can! All of the Alaska Weather Facts segments are now available, online, at the NWS Alaska Region's website. Alaska Weather Facts is a weather series that is locally produced by KAKM and hosted by Alaska Weather's Dave Snider.

If you're wanting to learn more about avalanches, vessel icing, Alaska's climatology, or forecasting in Alaska, then we invite you browse the archive. The archive currently has a number of educational segments ready for downloading at your convenience.

We will update this archive with new segments when they become available. We hope you find these educational segments useful and welcome any feedback you might have about the series.

Meet your Alaska Weather Team

David Snider Dave Percy Mike Ottenweller Kimberly Hoeppner
TV Program Leader TV Desk Assistant TV Desk Assistant
General Forecaster
TV Desk Assistant
General Forecaster



David Snider is the Alaska Region's TV manager. For questions or comments send him a message at the TV weather desk.
For problems related to missing or old images, contact pafc web authors.



Alaska TV Weather

To view Alaska Weather, click on the following link: Alaska Weather YouTube


Alaska Weather is a production of Alaska Public Media and the United States National Weather Service-Alaska Region.

The daily 30-minute broadcast serves Alaska with weather forecast information to aid aviation and marine communities.

For questions or comments about Alaska Weather, email the team at pafc web authors.



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