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Genesee County Tornado Statistics

County Date Time (EST) Type EF-Scale Deaths Injuries $$ $$ (crops)
GENESEE06/08/538:30 PMTornado5115785500000000
GENESEE04/07/547:40 PMTornado202250000
GENESEE08/24/544:00 PMTornado20010000
GENESEE05/12/566:25 PMTornado4311625000000
GENESEE09/21/574:00 PMTornado200-99-99
GENESEE06/11/684:00 PMTornado00000
GENESEE06/02/714:12 PMTornado100250000-99
GENESEE08/10/714:15 PMTornado2012500000
GENESEE06/03/734:15 PMTornado00130000
GENESEE06/03/734:30 PMTornado00000
GENESEE07/14/744:22 PMTornado3002500000
GENESEE09/17/744:20 PMTornado200250000
GENESEE07/04/7710:05 PMTornado1012500000
GENESEE09/17/7710:05 PMTornado2012500000
GENESEE06/27/8312:05 AMTornado1002500000
GENESEE08/08/843:08 PMTornado20025000000
GENESEE08/08/843:15 PMTornado3002500000
GENESEE08/08/843:20 PMTornado100250000
GENESEE08/30/844:20 AMTornado0002500000
GENESEE07/25/865:05 PMTornado101250000
GENESEE08/26/866:00 PMTornado00000
GENESEE09/29/865:51 PMTornado2002500000
GENESEE09/29/866:10 PMTornado10030000
GENESEE07/18/903:15 PMTornado00000
GENESEE07/18/903:15 PMTornado10030000
GENESEE10/04/906:00 PMTornado20125000000
GENESEE06/19/932:50 PMTornado1015000000
GENESEE06/07/965:15 PMTornado00000
GENESEE06/21/974:12 PMTornado00000
GENESEE07/02/973:20 PMTornado10000
GENESEE07/02/973:20 PMTornado10000
GENESEE07/02/973:30 PMTornado3006000000
GENESEE07/02/973:45 PMTornado31138000000
GENESEE05/31/985:25 AMTornado000100000
GENESEE05/21/011:52 PMTornado000100000
GENESEE05/21/014:02 PMTornado00050000
GENESEE06/8/035:35 PMTornado10000
GENESEE05/23/045:00 PMTornado00000
GENESEE05/23/045:10 PMTornado00000
GENESEE08/24/074:49 PMTornado201130000000
GENESEE10/19/0712:06 AMTornado0001000000
GENESEE05/28/138:01 PMTornado1001000000
GENESEE05/28/138:19 PMTornado000100000
GENESEE05/28/138:30 PMTornado2002300000
GENESEE05/28/138:54 PMTornado2003500000


The strongest tornado in Genesee County occurred on June 8, 1953. This tornado, well-known as the Flint-Beecher tornado, resulted in considerable damage and loss of life as it moved from 2 miles north of Flushing, through the north part of the Flint area, and into parts of Lapeer County south and southeast of Columbiaville. 115 persons were killed and 785 injured in Genesee County from the tornado. This tornado was categorized as an EF5 (out of 5) on the Fujita scale with a mean width of nearly 1/2-mile. It was the second deadliest tornado in modern record keeping (1950). In a truly remarkable twist of irony, a tornado again struck the county on June 8, 2003 centered in Grand Blanc. This EF1 tornado resulted in some property damage, but no deaths nor injuries.

The second strongest tornado in Genesee County since 1950 occurred on May 12, 1956. This tornado was categorized as an EF4, resulting in 3 deaths and 116 injuries. The tornado moved from 3 miles east of Flint to 3 miles northwest of Atlas, destroying over 100 homes in its path.

Four tornadoes since 1950 have been categorized as EF3 in Genesee County. These tornadoes occurred on 7/14/74, 8/8/84 (4:15 PM EDT), and 7/2/97 (4:30 PM EDT and 4:45 PM EDT). One death and one injury resulted from the 7/2/97 tornado at 4:45 PM that occurred in Thetford Township. The death occurred when a woman was killed by a falling tree. The tornadoes on 7/2/97 were part of an outbreak of 13 tornadoes in southeast Lower Michigan, the largest number for a single day since records have been kept. All other tornadoes since 1950 in Genesee County have either been EF2, EF1, or EF0.

Enhanced Fujita Tornado Scale:
EF0 - Gale Tornado (65-85 mph)
EF1 - Moderate Tornado (86-110 mph)
EF2 - Significant Tornado (111-135 mph)
EF3 - Severe Tornado (136-165 mph)
EF4 - Devastating Tornado (166-200 mph)
EF5 - Incredible Tornado (Over 200 mph)
Statistics last updated: January 7th, 2015