National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
National Weather service personnel performed surveys of
Wednesday's storm damage across portions of Southeast Michigan

Livingston and Oakland counties

It has been determined that the damage in portions of eastern
Livingston and northwest Oakland counties was produced by a single
tornado. A near continuous concentrated path of damage was observed
from approximately 2 miles west of Hartland, through Davisburg, to
approximately 3 miles northeast of Davisburg, where the damage
became more widespread and uniform, indicative of straight line
wind damage. This path is roughly 15 miles in length. Along
most of the path, tree damage was observed, with minimal damage to
structures, or F0 type damage on the Fujita scale. The greatest
extent of damage was observed in Davisburg, where specifically the
Davisburg elementary school sustained structural damage to the
eastern portion of the building. Based on observed damage to nearby
trees and vegetation along with the structural integrity of
neighboring buildings, this is indicative of a tornado producing F1
damage. Therefore, this tornado's final rating will be F1,
corresponding to wind speeds as high as 112 mph in Oakland county.

Saginaw county

An eyewitness account of a tornado touchdown east of Fosters was
corroborated by a very short damage path of sporadic tree damage
near the intersection of Bell and Busch roads. The damage path was
about 100 yards in length, was consistent with F0 type damage on the
Fujita scale. This corresponds to wind speeds as high as 72 mph.

Lapeer county

Substantial damage to trees and buildings was noted in Lum near Mitchell
Lake and Lum roads. A large barn and a garage were destroyed as winds
lifted roofs off the structures, a pickup truck in the garage was moved
downwind about 20 to 40 feet, some homes in the area suffered significant
roof damage, and several large trees were blown down. It was determined
from the debris field and radar imagery that most of the damage was the
result of microburst winds estimated at 100 mph. The damage path was
just about 1 mile in length, and spread to one quarter to one half
mile in width by the end of the damage path. At the core of the path
on Mitchell Lake road, damage may have been enhanced by small
circulations within the edges of the microburst- commonly called

Bay and Tuscola counties

It was determined that damage in portions of far eastern Bay and
western Tuscola counties was produced by a tornado. The tornado
touched down 3 1/2 miles east of Munger. A residence at this
location sustained substantial property damage, which included
complete destruction of a small barn and garage, a grain silo
lifted off its foundation, and damage to the main house, mainly
to the siding and front porch. The damage path roughly paralleled
the Bay/Tuscola county line in Tuscola county ending at Saginaw Bay
approximately 1 mile east of Quanicasse. Damage in Tuscola county
included the destruction of a pole barn, damage to the side of a
barn, a fruit and vegetable stand was toppled, an irrigation
system was badly damaged, numerous large trees were uprooted,
and one home sustained minor damage to its front porch. The path
length of this single tornado was about 7 miles and the width was
around 100 yards. This tornado will be classified as an F1 in Bay
county, damage in Tuscola county was indicative of an F0 tornado.