Synopsis for Lake Superior
.SYNOPSIS...A 29.1 inch low pressure over the Canadian Prairies 
will track toward Western Hudson Bay this weekend, passing a 29.7
inch trough across Lake Superior Saturday night. Weak ridging of 
30.0 inches will track eastward across Lake Superior late Sunday 
ahead of a 29.7 inch trough that will cross Lake Superior Monday 
night. Ridging will build to 30.1 Tuesday into Wednesday. 

Synopsis for Lake Michigan
.SYNOPSIS...High pressure of 30.3 inches over the Ohio Valley 
will shift to the New England coast Saturday while low pressure 
of 29.2 inches over Montana moves to Manitoba Saturday, and then 
near Hudson Bay Sunday deepening to 28.6 inches. A cold front will
sweep across Lake Michigan Sunday. A trough averaging 29.6 inches
will then move across the lake on Monday.

Synopsis for Lake Huron
.SYNOPSIS...High pressure, 30.20 inches, will continue to slide east 
into the Mid Atlantic through the evening. This high will then move 
off the East Coast tomorrow, allowing a cold front, 29.90 inches, to 
move through the Central Great Lakes Sunday night.

Synopsis for Lake Erie
.SYNOPSIS...High pressure 30.30 inches over West Virginia will 
drift eastward reaching the east coast by Saturday evening. A 
slow moving cold front will push east across lake Erie Sunday 
night into Monday followed by a reinforcing cold front on 

Synopsis for Lake Ontario
.SYNOPSIS...A 30.4 inch high over the Mid Atlantic states will 
remain in place through Sunday. A cold front is then forecast to 
move into the Lower Great Lakes late Monday.