Synopsis for Lake Superior
.SYNOPSIS...A 29.8 inch trough over northern Minnesota will move 
across Lake Superior this afternoon and reach the eastern Great 
Lakes on Tuesday. A 30.2 inch high pressure extending from 
Manitoba to Nebraska Tuesday night will move over Wisconsin 
Thursday morning and remain over the Great Lakes through Friday.

Synopsis for Lake Michigan
.SYNOPSIS...High pressure of 30.1 inches across the upper Ohio
River Valley will move to the Atlantic seaboard by this evening. 
Low pressure of 29.7 inches will develop across the northern Great
Lakes late Monday night into early Tuesday morning, and deepen 
quickly to 29.4 inches as it moves to western Quebec by Tuesday 
evening. Expansive high pressure of 30.2 inches will build 
eastward across the Great Lakes during the latter half of the 

Synopsis for Lake Huron
.SYNOPSIS...High pressure...30.00 inches...over Michigan will 
gradually slide to the east today maintaining a mainly southwesterly 
flow which will increase Tuesday ahead of a strong cold front. This 
front will sweep through the Great Lake Tuesday afternoon followed 
by an increasingly strong northwest flow that will last through the 
end of the week.

Synopsis for Lake Erie
.SYNOPSIS...High pressure 30.10 inches will move across the lower
lakes today and then shift eastward across NY State on Monday. 
Low pressure 29.90 inches will move northeast along a frontal 
boundary across the Great Lakes, forcing a cold front southeast 
across Lake Erie Tuesday through Tuesday night. High pressure 
30.20 inches will build east across the Great Lakes Wednesday 
through Thursday.

Synopsis for Lake Ontario
.SYNOPSIS...A 30.1 inch high over western Pennsylvania this 
morning will move off the mid-Atlantic coast tonight, where it 
will stall through Tuesday. A strong cold front, averaging 29.6 
inches, will then cross Lake Ontario Tuesday night. Then a 30.1
inch high will ridge from the Upper Plains to western Ontario
province, expanding into the Great Lakes region on Thursday.