Synopsis for Lake Superior
.SYNOPSIS...A 30.2 inch high pressure centered over the Central
Appalachians tonight will reach the East Coast Wednesday morning.
A 29.4 inch trough across the Northern Plains tonight will drift 
across Lake Superior Wednesday afternoon into Thursday. A 29.6 
inch trough will then linger over the Upper Great Lakes into 
Saturday night. The trough will lift to the northeast on Sunday 
ahead of a 30.1 inch ridge building across the Upper Mississippi 

Synopsis for Lake Michigan
.SYNOPSIS...A 30.1 inch high over the Ohio Valley will continue 
east and reach the mid Atlantic coast Wednesday afternoon. A 29.4
inch low over southern Saskatchewan will expand south and form a 
29.5 inch low over Minnesota Wednesday evening. The low will stall
over Lake Superior early Thursday morning, and then reach Quebec 
early Friday morning. Its cold front will pass over the lake 
Thursday. A second low will form over the southern plains early 
Thursday morning, and it will pass over the lake at 29.7 inches 

Synopsis for Lake Huron
.SYNOPSIS...High pressure...averaging 30.10 inches...centered over 
the Ohio Valley will continue to expand across the region tonight. 
This high will then drift east on Wednesday, as the next low 
pressure lifts out of the northern plains. This low...averaging 
29.60 inches... will then track through the northern Great Lakes on 

Synopsis for Lake Erie
.SYNOPSIS...High pressure 30.10 inches will move across the Ohio
Valley tonight, reaching the East Coast late Wednesday. A warm 
front will develop over the Mississippi Valley and move northeast 
across the Great Lakes Wednesday night into Thursday. Low pressure
29.60 inches from the northern Plains will reach the central 
Great Lakes Friday and bring a cold front to near the lake. The 
next low 29.70 inches will move northeast across the western lakes
and take the cold front across Lake Erie Saturday.

Synopsis for Lake Ontario
.SYNOPSIS...A surface high will drift across the Ohio Valley 
overnight and then move off the Mid Atlantic Coast on Wednesday. 
Then a 29.5 inch low will slowly cross the Upper Great Lakes 
Wednesday night and Thursday. This low will push a a warm front 
across the lake Thursday...with the front oscillating back and 
forth over the region Friday and Saturday. Then a weak 30.0 inch 
high is forecast to develop near Indiana on Sunday.