Synopsis for Lake Superior
.SYNOPSIS...A 29.6 inch low over eastern Ontario will move east 
today. A high of 30.0 inches will slide southeast across northern
Ontario today and strengthen to 30.4 inches by tonight just east 
of Lake Superior. The region will then be influenced by a weak 
high of 30.2 inches centered in the northern Great Plains Sunday 
and Monday before a 29.5 inch trough moves through the Upper Great
Lakes Monday night and into Tuesday. Lake Superior will be 
between systems Wednesday as low pressure of 29.5 inches pushes 
out of the Rockies and into the Plains.

Synopsis for Lake Michigan
.SYNOPSIS...A weak front stalled over southern portions of the 
lake early this morning will move slowly south today and clear the
southern portions of the lake by evening. High pressure of 30.1 
inches over Ontario will slowly move east to Maine by Sunday 
night. Meanwhile, low pressure of 29.0 inches will move to 
northern Saskatchewan Sunday afternoon and then track east to 
Hudson Bay by Tuesday morning with a cold front trailing south 
from this low moving across Lake Michigan Tuesday morning. A 
narrow ridge of high pressure averaging 30.3 inches will build 
into the western Great Lakes region in the wake of this front 
Tuesday night into Wednesday. 

Synopsis for Lake Huron
.SYNOPSIS...Friday's clipper laid out a frontal trough averaging 
29.90 inches across the central Great Lakes. This front will drift 
south and then stall over the southern lakes today as high pressure 
averaging 30.40 inches builds southeast into the region for tonight 
into Sunday.

Synopsis for Lake Erie
.SYNOPSIS...A cold front will drop south across Lake Erie this
morning. Weak high pressure 30.00 inches will build over the lake
this afternoon. The front will turn stationary across Ohio and 
lift north as a warm front Sunday and Monday. A cold front will 
move east across the lake Tuesday. A ridge averaging 30.10 inches 
will move east across the lake Wednesday.

Synopsis for Lake Ontario
.SYNOPSIS...A 29.7 inch low will weaken as it moves across Quebec to
Maine today. A 30.4 inch high will then build across southern 
Ontario tonight before moving off the Eastern Seaboard by Monday.