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Heavy Rain and Mountain Snow in the West; Snow Squalls and Bitter Wind Chills in the Northeast;

A series of Pacific systems will produce inches of rain across portions of California, including recent burn scars where excessive rain may produce debris flows, mudslides, and flash flooding. In addition, heavy mountain snow up to 3 feet or more is forecast for the western mountains. A deep trough will bring dangerous snow squalls and wind chills minus 15 to minus 25 in the Northeast. Read More >

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Ice Analysis Layer: Concentration Stage Forecast  Legend

FZAK80 PAFC 192352

Sea Ice Advisory for Western and Arctic Alaskan Coastal Waters
National Weather Service Anchorage Alaska
252 PM AKST Monday 19 November 2018

FORECAST VALID...Saturday 24 November 2018

ANALYSIS CONFIDENCE...High to moderate

SYNOPSIS...High pressure will linger across the Arctic through
Saturday. Low pressure will move northward through the Bering Sea
through Wednesday before dissipating as a stronger low moves
northward toward the Aleutian Islands Thursday through Saturday.

-Arctic Ocean-
-Beaufort Sea-

PKZ235-Point Franklin to Cape Halkett-
PKZ240-Cape Halkett to Flaxman Island-
PKZ245-Flaxman Island to Demarcation Point-
PKZ505-Central U.S. Arctic Offshore-
PKZ510-Eastern U.S. Arctic Offshore-

Ice covered.

-Chukchi Sea-

PKZ215-Kotzebue Sound-
PKZ220-Wales to Cape Thompson-
PKZ225-Cape Thompson to Cape Beaufort-
PKZ230-Cape Beaufort to Point Franklin-
PKZ500-Western U.S. Arctic Offshore-

The ice edge extends from near Point Hope to 69.4N 164.5W to 70.3N
164.3W to 72.1N 158.6W to 72.9N 162.7W to 69.9N 177.2W to 67N
171.9W. The ice edge is mainly open water. There is also sea ice
within Kotzebue Sound as well as in protected bays along the coast
to the Bering Strait.

FORECAST FOR THE CHUKCHI SEA (Days 1 through 5)...Northeasterly flow
will persist through Saturday. Expect the ice edge to expand
southwestward 25 to 40 nm through Saturday.

-Bering Sea-

PKZ180-Kuskokwim Delta and Etolin Strait-
PKZ181-North and West of Nunivak Island-
PKZ200-Norton Sound-
PKZ210-Dall Point to Wales-

The ice edge extends from near Quinhagak to 59.5N 163.8W to 61.6N
166.6W to 63.7N 165.3W to 63.7N 161W. The ice edge is mainly open
water. There is also sea ice within northeast Norton Sound from
Golovin Bay to Norton Bay as well as shallow and protected areas
along the Bering Sea coast.

FORECAST FOR THE BERING SEA (Days 1 through 5)...Cooler air is
expected to move into the northern Berin Sea region Thursday through
Saturday. Winds will be westerly to northwesterly through Wednesday,
then becoming easterly Thursday through Saturday. The offshore winds
in the latter half of the week will allow sea ice to continue to
grow along the coast from the Kuskokwim Delta to the Bering Strait.


Regional Information

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